Material Cost with New Stations


So I’ve just set up me base with all the new stations now and I noticed that because some recipes were shifted to new unique stations, we no longer get the reduced cost of crafting these items because thralls no longer provide cost reduction. Is this supposed to be intended? For example crafting hardened leather to make armor has been moved to the Tanner bench and costs the full 5 leather, 3 thick, 2 alchemical base and 5 oil per Hardened Leather whereas before it was much cheaper (almost 1 per ingredient) when you had a thrall on the armorer’s bench.

Also some of the costs for random items has been increased way past what is acceptable IMO. I was working on building a greenhouse just for plants and I noticed the cost to make the Improved Planter is now 100 Hardened Brick, 25 Insulated Wood and 10 Steel Reinforcement just to make ONE planter. It used to be 75 stone, 2 Insulated Wood and 3 steel reinforcement. That’s an insanely huge increase for a “crafting station” that doesn’t play a big role in the game and still requires you to go get seeds from the world yourself (farming in this game is not self-sustainable).

Would like some comments on this because I did not see these changes when I was skimming the patch notes.


I would say that there at very least should be some way to reduce costs as these benches like the tinker’s bench and in my opinion more importantly the tanner’s bench. The much more difficult (or at least more time consuming) acquisition of oil leaves armor in a much harder to craft place. At this moment a full set of armor is a severely more tedious set of items to craft than it was pre-patch.

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maybe you can help me here. my improved cauldren with t1 worker cant make yellow lotus potion. or any others for that matter. i need to reset my stats so i can make the new crafting stations. any idea how i do that?

Cauldrons now are just for certain material prep, you need to make a new Alchemy Bench to get those recipes.

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