Economy Update Suggestion: stuff that got missed?

Soooo… I’m actually pretty happy with the economy update. Sure there’s been bugs as usual and whatnot, and some stations are ginormous, but hey, overall I like the direction things have gone.

But I’m curious; now that thralls don’t change cost, where’s our improved/trade/precision/campaign/garrison/whatever artisan bench, saddler workbench, stove (any others i’m missing)? Especially the artisan bench. I mean, those of us who love to decorate, and make vaults, are missing out on the old cost savings that we had with our t4 thralls. Same with saddler. And really, no kitchen station??

So yea, it’d be great if we could get those in a future update - and while we’re at it, have the t4 cooks have a specialty that give the foods they make a buff, or multiply their quantity crafted, or?



Well, there never was something that reduced costs on stoves, I don’t think. But you make a good point about Artisan Benches, Saddler’s Workbenches, and maybe Fermenting Barrels with alchemists. Funcom should address that somehow.

Didn’t the T4 cook reduce cost of stove recipes? Well, even if it didn’t, my suggestion still stands to bring the stations into alignment with the ones they’ve introduced. I REALLY hope one of their updates does a serious overhaul of the foods. So many cool options for recipes, yet overall basically useless other than for giving certain choices to pets/thralls. Our clan did recently find that lasting meals seem to boost training speed on a wheel of pain, but I have no concrete info on that.

I believe thralls did reduce costs, but you hardly ever saw that because most recipes only required 1 of something. But yeah, given how generally gimped foods are right now, I can see why they didn’t bother. If/when they update the food/drink system I’d imagine that’s when we’d see a change to the cooking stations.

Cooks never reduced costs. They only sped up completion and saved fuel. Alchemists could save costs though, IIRC, they did on the Fermenting Barrels.

Please don´t make us have two new gigantic versions of every dlc´s artisan benches! :worried:

Oh bigger and bigger ones are coming, they will as huge as the new T4 carpenter benches lol.

honestly the DLC artisan benches need to go away. there’s just no need. if they can fit dlc armor and weapons on the same bench as everything else and still have it locked if you haven’t paid, then they should be able to do the same with the artisan bench.

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