Suggestion: various ideas - armor,thrall, potion,building

New t4 Thrall/Thrall Recipes: Artisan Thralls for Artisan Bench with various recipes tied to their race, ex: sail-tents, huts, teepees, lean-to, small northern houses, frostgiant ymir statues. Items that are not too big to be unreasonable but are currently highly desirable over world asset items. Additionally, T4 Taskmasters at Taskmaster benches could also get recipes for various metal and wooden cages

Yellow Lotus Potion: With stats and stat bonuses and stat enhancing warpaint, the choices should be more important and lasting, and the reset potion more difficult to get. I think adding again the timer AND adding one or two more ingredients to all the potions, for that matter, might be beneficial to gameplay, travel, and utility. Ex. ingredients for various potions: purified water, salt, spice, silver, mushrooms, bugs, large grubs, eggs, various plants also used for dye. that would help make alchemy more interesting too.

T1 easy-craft light fur armor: similar to the early unlock fiber clothing with light heat protection, this could be simple fur and hide rags, low cost, quick craft, light cold protection, but unlocked at a later level, say Lv30. Something for when you find yourself in an emergency situation up north, you have an extra option. Kill a Ram, craft fur loincloth and vest without station so you don’t die.

alternate T1 building material: [maybe least likely idea here, i know] an alternate to the sandstone, but same durability and greener using wood, sticks or fiber/twine, and a new resource, TREE[PALM or FIR] FRONDS. This would ad a little variety to the t1 buildings you see everywhere, and stick out less like a sore thumb than sandstone t1 does, esp in the new jungle biome. Even if this didnt include a new roofing, and shared the existing thatch roofing.

lastly: craftable, dyeable underwear please. xD ty

Hm. I never tried to enslave one of those exiles at newbie river. If positioning a fighter, you can grab his gear after that.