Make crafting thralls more interactive

Would like to adorn crafting thralls to match their habitat.

Is there a mod out there to do this if Funcom won’t?


Alot of people been asking to change crafting thralls clothing. (i;d love to edit them on ps4…)

Personally I’m sick of apron and turban… Inless you have thralls from early days. Your basically stuck with clothed people in you stations now. T_T

I would like to see this option as well. Had a post a while back where someone suggested armor slots for the crafting benches. Whatever thrall you put on it would then wear whatever was in the armor slot for that crafting station. If there was nothing in the slot they would be naked. Would mean crafting clothing for all your thralls but I’m ok with that.

I think that could work.

Maybe @Ignasi could poke the dev team about it. :wink:


I believe the mod “Fashionist” lets you do this (and much more). I haven’t tried it myself, but I hear good things!


Yeah it does but Mods aren’t available for PS4

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I know, but the OP specifically asked for mods

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I’d love to be able to change a crafter’s clothes. I hate that my most prized thralls are all dressed like dirty hobos. I mean these are the folks making the weapons and armor I’ve conquered the world with. They ought to be dressed for the esteemed jobs they have.

If nothing else, then I should at least be able to adorn them as an expression of my character’s wealth and opulence. Heck make the ability for thralls to have their clothes changed part of the Improved or Master versions of the various benches. Like @Wak4863 else suggested, add the 5 slots for their inventory as a row or column on the side of the bench’s inventory screen and we can drag n’ drop from there.

Dooo eeet!


I think that’s part of the benefit to having the clothing slots be located on the bench. That way, if you take the thrall out, the clothes stay on the bench and the thrall can’t be used as a way to smuggle armor around.


Splendid observation. Why would they take the clothes elsewhere anyway, if we consider them useful at the bench we appointed them to. I second this idea.


I mean I’d prefer to actually strip almost all inventories away from this game coz there’s so much of it going on, but this idea (all variables considered that I’m aware of) is so great that it might be the lesser evil here we all might want to consider about.


I see Named thralls especially crafters and artisan names as a prize possession. My blood, sweat, tears, and time went into capturing that named thrall. I love the idea of adorning them as @Larathiel so eloquently phrased it.

I like to make up back story in my own CE world where that named thrall started as an exile level 1 and through the feats that they performed in the world gained the right to be called by name. They deserve to be cherished and adorned with the best we have to offer.


I actually suggested that thralls could be leveled up. When they reach the level four, they would be honoured a name. Don’t remember where I placed the suggestion though. It was a reply to a topic, I think.

  1. Please give the opportunity to change clothes for thralls on working stations
  2. Please make it possible to control thralls using emotes.
  3. Please show the thralls beeing converted in the wheel of pain, not simple “dummies”
  4. Please let us kill thralls/animals or throw them away somehow. This is not possible on official PVE yet.



FYI: It is possible, just not practical for many thralls at once. My favorite method involves putting them in the Pit of Yog, that kills them instantly.

This would help. I will give this a try. TY.

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Oh I like that. I always placed them on top of palisades can be a bit tricky to get them on it properly but also works to cull the heard.

I lure them to Volcano… or drop them from high up. >_>

To be fair this has improved. One of the recent content patches did change crafting thralls so they looked more role appropriate, far better than nakeds. More choice and diversity would still be great.

Still no naked crafter thralls? Aw man :persevere:

It’s not all about having nude thralls - not exclusively - to be perfectly honest because I’d be likely to use that option in some cases. However, let’s say that I have a Yamatai base; I might want to dress them in Yamatai footsoldier uniforms.


Exactly. Colour for colour and land for land. :smile: