Vanity slots for station thralls?

Would it be possible to add vanity slots to stations like the furnace and such so the thralls can be dress accordingly to what you want. So they don’t look out of place. Sometimes when i equip a new thrall to a station they lose all of their clothing and it just looks weird.


I’ve noticed that my artisan thralls always wear whatever they had on when I beat the hell out of them.

I would like to be able to change their clothes though; I’d like to have this feature too.

I like the idea, though I could see the UI being a little tricky, since the station thralls are items. Just thinking out loud here, but where would you change their clothes? Allow them to be placed in the world, change their clothes, and then give them a “Return to Inventory” option? Or alter them in the station UI, which is pretty cluttered already?

Maybe simply drag the items onto the thrall icon while it has been placed in the crafting station. If you drag a shirt onto them and they already have one, it’ll simply swap the pieces.

No more UI elements necessary.

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5 small boxes next to the thrall icon slot. They don’t have to be very big. The armor is not protecting them just swapping what they wear visually. And you can put the armor in before you even put a thrall in.

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I’ve already seen a mod that makes a vanity slot for the player.

Perhaps we could simply place them in the world like combat thralls?

The Chareditlite mod allows you to make ‘shards’ that can be used to totally change the appearance of your station thrall, or just add in a uniform. If you play on a private server, I would suggest that you ask for the administrator to add it to the mod list.

This is a valid thing to want added for the vanilla game though. I would like to have my thralls dressed appropriately for the black ice dungeon or marble castle.

Or wearing proper PPE for those of us who aren’t craving the sight of anime bare breasts and chests. Those poor smelters and blacksmiths who are in constant danger of spark and splash burns.

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