Option to dress all thralls and craftable thralls armor sets

I want a clothes or armor set for each thrall type.

These recipes are unlock in each of thier crafting stations.

This way I can craft clothing for my thralls.

Dancer set is unlock at armory.

I want the option to dress all my thralls.

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The Zamorian dancer outfit is available with any T3 or T4 Zamorian armorer thrall. I get them from the pirate ship in the desert.

Otherwise, I agree that all workstation thralls should have the option to change their armor/outfits.


I agree with this wholeheartedly. Happily, so did the stellar team of Emberlight, one of the best mods going. With this mod you literally CAN dress your crafting station thralls as you see fit.

The original Derketo Priestess, Shala the Lustslaker, for iinstance, was dressed in literal starter rags for some reason. With Emberlight, no more!

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its in test live now in some form,
u can add clothes in crafting station and inside use it to clothe thrall, at least it was at patch notes
also they more diversify thrals by type, so they should look more suitable for they work, ie smelter have that gloves,blackshmit that blackshmit like clothes


Oh I absolutely agree that this should be a functionality within the game itself and not just for console users @Shadoza ! The less mods you “have” to run the better! And if this comes to pass then Emberlight can do away with it and make their awesome mod that much lighter so I DO hope it comes to pass! But in the meantime I did want to share that there’s a mod out there that does offer this for those who don’t mind using mods and don’t want to wait.

I didnt understand why this wasnt already in game, you get a decent armour and they can make gloves and apron but you cant put it on anyone nor does it benefit you in any way. I personally would love to see this in game, and if we have to give up slots on table To make it work so be it, but I would prefer not too.

Yes, I gave the same light armor to all my crafters (with apron and gloves for smelters and blacksmiths) and some better-looking Shemite clothes to my named crafters ))) Now my base doesn’t look like some shelter for the poor anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It’ll be very good to include such cosmetic function into the game I think.

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