Can you guy add item slot for working thrall?

I would have dress my thrall crafting stuff when have amor on.

My understanding is it adds strain on the servers to do this, much like why we dont have armor dummies.

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If you play in singleplayer (or on a private server where mods are an option) - the mod ‘Fashionist’ allows you to change all crafters clothes/armor. (It also provides armor display stands).

As @darthphysicist says, this does seem to add to the strain - I’m on a relatively out of date machine and a big base with lots of placeables, plus crafters in different outfits, plus armor stands with display armors, creates a bit of ‘lag’ when I am there, but nothing too serious (just probably more than would be wanted on official servers).


Tks man

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Even the crafting thralls?

Emberlight offers a vanity station where you can change a crafting thralls clothes, and hairstyle.
You must have the clothes/armor you want the thrall to wear available as items in your inventory, to put them into slots when the vanity is in action, but they are not used up this way. It is just needed to show the game what new clothes shall be given to the thrall.

@Masmassu Yes, even for crafting thralls. However, at the moment it only allows to mass distribute the outfits based on the combination of filters you select. IQoL, for example allows you to transfer your appearance to your follower but I don’t think it works on crafter thralls (might be wrong, I haven’t used the mod in a while):

You have also a color picker to dye your stuff without using dyes (you can also dye saddles):

The mod also incorporates CharEditLight (another mod) that allows you to create “shards” and use them to change the appearance of your followers, crafting thralls and your char:



One additional tip if you do want to use the thrall outfitting bench (in fashionist) to change the outfit for individual thralls - place any that you don’t want to change inside an inventory (such as the bench they’re usually stationed at, then narrow down the category as far as you can (eg - male, blacksmiths, tier 4) - then you should only change those that are ‘out in the world’ (placed in a crafter slot). You can also change one this way, switch them to inside a bench and pull out the next and change just them.

However - the addition of shards, as @Narelle noted, makes this largely irrelevant now as you can just use them to change individual crafters, and use the thrall outfitter bench for mass distribution.

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