Enable Changing clothes of work bench assigned Thralls

Thralls that stand around can be changed in appearance.

Those that are assigned cannot be changed in appearance, that I find severly lacking. I am not sure if this is for some reason because they need no armor or something, but I would like to change the optics of the workers all around my house.


Agree, this would be nice. Right now its random luck what the thralls wear irritating.

I know some people don’t like to use mods, but this mod will allow you to change thralls appearance.



Thanks Terrordoll, that sounds great, will look into it

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This should really be a thing. Since they’re going through the trouble of limiting how many thralls we can sustain that we CAN change outfits on, why can’t we put uniforms on our workers? Even most t4 thralls wear rags, so it would be nice to be able to edit them to match our marble castles or black ice dungeons.

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agree with that, cause you can craft a pair of workers gloves and an apron so then why can’t you give them to your thralls that are placed in your crafting benches


I think it would be honest to do it in such a way: you put clothes into your crafting station with your thrall (maybe dyed into your clan color), and they are “consumed” - thrall “puts them on”. Finally this will be a good way to get rid of all this thin leather :wink: