Can we get the option to change the outfits of thralls at workstations?

We can alter the inventory of dancers, fighters, archers, basically any thrall that we can place down in the world, but not the ones bound to workstations like blacksmiths, cooks or carpenters. I’ve been wanting this option since day 1! I’d like for my thralls to look a little fancier than how they do now. It would really add a lot to the roleplay element too!


I believe this will be a feature sometime in the future.

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The future plan is to make all crafter thralls be placeable like combat thralls, and assigned to a crafting station like how barkeeps are assigned rather than as an inventory item. When crafter thralls can be placed into the world, you will be able to change their outfit.


Oh neat! I haven’t tried out the barkeeps just yet. Is that what they’re called? And when did the devs announce that they had plans to make crafting thralls placeable? This is the first I’ve heard of it! :slight_smile:

Be aware that this feature will impact server performance, especially on Official Servers.

Also, if you currently play with a thrall limit, this feature will impact your overall total.

They first started talking about within the past year. Think it was something they mentioned over the summer.

Nice! And nah, I don’t play with thrall limits!

Maybe, and maybe. Depending on how it’s done. There may be ways to reduce the crafter thralls’ impact on server performance by removing superfluous features. As long as the data on the thrall is Type - Tier - Appearance - Clothes, the dude or dudette performing the animation on the bench shouldn’t be much heavier for the database than the current crafter thrall.

Great point

To elaborate a bit further, look at the current Barkeeper thrall. He/she is a placeable “entertainer” thrall, who can technically be leveled up, but gains no stats for it. If crafters take this a bit further and can’t be leveled at all, the number of variables that the database needs to remember for each thrall drops significantly.

That said, I don’t know how much impact that has on the server. At a guess, any thrall (crafter or in-world) is probably heavier on the client-side, but since I’m Single.Player, in my case the server and the client are the same computer.

Until it can be determined how this impacts thrall limits and spare thralls in boxes, I can live without it.

The current limit on official for a single player is 65, so that will impact greatly, because of the number of workstations using thralls (currently 22 if you have one of each), and the specialized Blacksmiths, Carpenters, etc. required for whatever style you use. I keep two armorers on the bench to build either high HP or low weight. That’s before we even mention having an outpost or two around the map to handle quick food, repairs, or the wheels we see in high value thrall areas. Although, the changes to the purge reduce the need for guards when not on PvP.

PvP brings up its own problems, we took our thralls off their stations and stored them in hidden containers for raids and when we were not in the game. This was to reduce the noise, and to protect what we had. If they are just standing around, Can they be knocked out again, or are they just to be killed?

If, and this is the key, workers, including the barkeepers, are made that they do not count towards the limit while “on station”, then that would not impact the players too much, except for the points on PvP.

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