Thralls on workstations

It would be nice to have crafting thralls (Blacksmiths, etc) to work as normal thralls. They can be moved about, follow you, etc. They have inventory, stats sheet, levels, etc. The only difference is that they can be assigned to a workstation in just the same way as you pick up and place follower thralls. I find it ludicrous that you can place thralls in chests, and need to move thralls from inventory and into workstation slots.


Would be nice, propably wont happen though.

I think it would only make sense if they were terrible archers or fighters but could carry a bit more and reduce repaircost in their inventory. Otherwise, what would be the point?

enjoy your day folks…

The point, as I see it, would be that there is no reason to why not. They could help defend the base, be equipped with whatever the player wants, and it would be great to be able to customize their gear so they aren’t just an animated graphic. Dressing them up would be part of the fun.

And if nothing else, for plausibility. Putting them in inventory slots (chests, own person, etc) is just a huge immersion breaker for me.

The only thing they’d need to alter is the way thralls are assigned to stations, and remove the option to make them as inventory. Because the way placable thralls work (fighter, exile, archer, dancer, etc) is already a part of the game, they’d only need to alter the npc’s titles.

They’d just become more of what we already have… If they dont have a special feature I don’t see the point besides immersiveness. Thats why I think they won’t do it. Effort without adding somethink actually new just seems unlikly to me. I’d love to see it happen though…

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