Assign thralls to any interactive object

Instead of storing thralls in a box I would like to place them on a chair, bed, whatever I can interact with.
Take the blacksmith for example. I got two now, and I don’t want to build another bench.
They both have recipes I use.
So instead of switching them in the inventory it would be great if I could place them in a bed, a chair next to the bench, etc.
Immersion ftw!


i 2nd this idea, placea chair near the exit with a desk and place a fighter in the chair, oh yea def like it. also the siege couldron and what have you for def.

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I’d like to stick some of those spare tanners I have on a drying rack or fluid press.
Or even put a bow in there hands and put them on a wall.

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Double post.
Crappy WiFi.

Even if it just let you put em on there, but they didnt give any boosts. You could at least make youre crafting area look more “lived in”

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The entire thrall system needs a lot improvement

I would like to see thralls playing emotes, place a fighter next to your door and set it with arms crossed emote. Or like mentioned place a Bearer sitting in a chair, even entertainers playing some instrument, that would be awesome.

And obviously, some more important features, like a patrol route would be fun.

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A great idea, I will love see that! Thralls are only thing alive that don’t try killing me than it wiil be amazen if the game give us more life on your base, like beds, chains…