Functional Thrall Furniture

Basically just hold square on furniture and select to put thralls on. Place would look lived in, AND they could still get up and do their job aka shoot arrows and stabby stab.:+1:

Just a thought. I’m out.


If you could fix bedrooms and put them squirming on the bed it would be funny too, like the flert emote but without the audio because at the end it would be annoying :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I like the idea I support it :+1:t6:


Well, if you’re gonna go that far, partial and full servers only. Keep it appropriate.

I know how that sounds, I mean parents shouldn’t have to worry about their kid seeing a thrall acting naughty. So maybe not the bed, unless they’re literally just sleeping.

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I’d love some stuff for thralls to do. Eating and drinking animations would be awesome, and interactive furnitures. It would also be really great if they could sit around a campfire


Oh yeah man. Just sitting! If we can’t set them emotes or patrol duty in vanilla game then at least SITTING would be a huge improvement compared to standing like idiots.


Maybe have x amount snapable. If chair snaps to a table for example, they lean against it or look like they’re talking or something. Playing dice, etc.

If it won’t snap, then they lean forward with elbows on knees or something.


A yes, and a good way to use all extra crafter thralls to. And if ther can be just decorativ that dont lag the server whit AIprossesing. A werry good way to fix the game!


And be able to change ther aror to!

Lastly, fighters and archers can still do their job. They just return to their seat when finished doing it.:+1:

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Thrall furniture would be nice, have a big eating table for them all or something that adds a bit of life to them,

I always wanted them to give us thrall controlled drawbridges to, that would save a headache


I would love to see people setting a chair, table and a mug at each of their guard post for a little TLC toward their thralls.


Yes! With a special horn to blow for then to open it! World’s oldest remote control :slight_smile:


Ah, yes - we all know that “Space Barbie” is the ultimate endgame, of every game that allows it. :grin:

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Lag not withstanding, we’ve all walked up on npcs in the wild dancing, sitting, cowering, ect…
That’s a few moments of advantage for the attack. I can almost imagine the rage when someone catches their thralls racked out (as in the post immediately above) while they’re getting raided.
Thrall AI is already… a point of discussion… imagine if they now had a toggle to see if they wake up or just lay there playing dead for the whole fight.

That said, I personally would rather give my prisoners with jobs chairs and a place to eat other than the thrall pot.

I think the positions could be purely cosmetic. No need to wake them up anymore than what they currently do.

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I’d love this!

Anything that adds some immersion to the world is great IMO.

Love for my minions to be able to do more than just stand guard. Even if it’s just selecting what dances you’d like your performers to do, rather than just randomised.

Also if you get your thrall doing something specific and an enemy takes advantage of this moment to attack it, then kudos to them. People can rage all they want, everything has cause and effect.
In other words I see no reason not to implement something like this simply because this scenario might / can / will happen.

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The issue with cosmetic postures is that a sitting thrall is not as tall as a standing thrall and can be much more easily hidden. If we have laying thralls, it gets even worse, to say nothing of ranged attack targeting when the model is decouples from the hitbox.

Thats just another reason in a long line that its need separat setings for pvp and pve.

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This would be an awesome addition to the game, love it