Let pets relax!

Like it says on the tin: let my pets relax. Once you pull them out of the pen, they’re forever on guard, forever on duty. We know these animals in the wild have different poses–sitting, lying down, etc. Why can’t our pets do this? Please–let the pets relax!


Would be nice :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t mind letting the normal thralls sit down if there’s a chair or bench nearby as well!


I could get behind this I would love to have a long table like one sees in the jarl’s hold of whiterun on skyrim, and have my thralls sit at it and share meals and conversation. It would be interesting to see them interact with each other, and perhaps intriguing if they’d take meals at a long table as well. like have a long table have a serving station where you can attach a cook thrall, and meals could be served. Ideally the serving station could also be refrigerated by ice or pull ingredients from your supplies to feed thralls in a entertaning social experience. I dunno. This is intriguing though. It has my neurons firing with potential ideas.

I like this idea. Seeing my Tiger or Wolf laying on a nice Fur Rug would really add to the atmosphere.

Im not sure about this one though Gelantious, those thralls have guard duty, and must be on the lookout for unsavoury people and creatures. Could be a recipe for disaster, observe :wink:


Hahah, nice
Though I hope our thralls have better discipline then that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still get a big grin when I see the security guards face beaming after he is presented with his chair. I hope our thralls are better disciplined too. Well…Im sure they try their the best.

Excellent idea, Relaxing pets and thralls. Would be nice to have them walk around and do things on their own, like if theirs a chair nearby they can sit and stuff. Also… We need entertainers to use musical instruments and more dances. More dances is easilly fixed by giving the entertainers more animations when thralled so they can switch between each animation.

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