Beds for thralls

i dont know if this theme was allready mentioned but i think it would give a lil bit of extra Depth to the game if thralls Need restplaces - if they dont get those they will Sleep where they stand and make less good work. An idea would be to have straw on the Floor, fur / leather bed, normal bed and stacked beds. Of Course you could choose to take 1, 2 or 3 thralls into your big Kingsize bed as well…


I feel like giving thralls a rest meter would make them too much like sims, and less helpful overall. What if you are out fighting and your thrall just decides to take a nap?

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you did missunderstood me a bit: the idea is not to make Defence ineffective - more like give them a Bonus if they have a restplace like faster crafting or so if you dont care About your slaves they simply do less good work :smiley:

Then you hsve a bunch of useless thralls when you log in after a work day. People don’t always have time to cater to a video game’s needs. Conan is great because you don’t need to constantly worry about your thralls unless someone comes to kill them.

And doing “less good work?” Why punish people for not caring about their slaves? Thralls aren’t meant to be your best friend, mechanic-wise.

in original plan, thrall would have to sleep, eat, and have more lifness beahaviour, with an assigned bed and a kind of routine like skyrim pnj, feature was called “settlement system” I still hope thrall system become as planned.

I’d like to be to have a way for a player to make thralls interact with things to make them use them. Like send them to a bed and have them lie on it, send them to the harp and have them play it, send them to a sign and have them inspect it, etc.


@ Punky_Chicken there is the word of sugar bread and Whip treat your property well and it serves you Long…


basicly it means : give sugar if something is well done bread if it was ok and Whip it when it is needed it :smiley:

With a sleep gauge or not, a resting place for thralls would be an additional layer of management that might be fruitful as long as the thralls were to actually do the chores themselves; involving automation.

What use does a thrall have if they have to be told what to do every single time we come by.

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