Thalls & Animals rework needed

I have even started a Topic on Steam and will also link this Tread on this site also on Steam, so it would be great a Mod or Admin could link this here to, you will find it in the discussions with the Title: [SUGGESTION] Thall rework needed! or (last part of the link) 1651043958643403200/?tscn=1559450484 Thanks! :wink:

One of the main problems this game actually haves is that really dumb system around the Thralls. You have no effective way to micromanage them anyways. The next point is that there is always a bunch of T1 & T2 Thralls & Animals that people no longer need, so these are placed somewhere on the server as garbage.

Options and ways to solve those problems in my opinion …

Character options:
· Agressive
· Neutral
· Passive

Following options and so on:
· Follow / Unfollw. (Allways InGame)
· Defend and hold the actual position. (For Structures, Thralls and ner by Allied players )
· Stop! (Instantly stop all actions even attacking!)

Even missing is a patrol System to guard your Buildings:
You can add a craftable Item like a Simple waypoint Flag. (Some Rocks a Stick or Bones some Hide, something like this.) After placing those you can add a limited number of Thralls which will patrol between those points. (About a maximum of 3 will be ok for the beginning)

The next point is to stop ppl. placing their unused Thralls & Animals all over the map… So there is a decay needed! If Thralls & Animals don’t get any food for more than 24 hours they have to die, this will keep any server clean and will reduce delay/lags! At this point, the interval for the good of the Thralls must be buffed, so that it is consumed slower otherwise ppl. will start crying about that fact because they have to spend more than 15 minutes with a cleaver to harvest some meat for some days. :rofl:

Update 01:
On Steam the User: “snoclown” haves the Suggestion to limit how many Thralls a player could have. In my opinion, this is even a good idea because the Purges are not that hard that ppl. have to flood an area with more than 30 Thralls and Animals. (You should exclude Thralls for any workstations here.)

This Tread will be updated with suggestions of other ppl. on Steam!

There are so many threads and posts for this theme. I cant count them anymore. A new/better/expanded Thrall/Pet Management/Overhaul is one of the most expexted/wanted features for this game.

These are only a few. The Posts and Threads are countless and if you want to add the ones on reddit, twitter, facebook, youtube, steam … its definetely a feature everybody is waiting for a long time now.


Re: decay on thralls/pets.
There is meant to be a decay setting for thralls/pets now. They removed the death through starvation (which used to be death if not fed after about 10 days) and replaced it with a despawn after 14 days of the owner not logging in.

Funcom has recently stated that the reset should be proximity based (like it is for our bases). I have my doubts about that so I am testing it again… result of this latest test due midJune.
Back in mid-March I placed a bearer thrall on the rocks near the Senitals. My base is over near Narrowneck Span so I thought that the Sentials should be far enough away that if it’s by proximity then I would not reset him by logging into my base. I avoided going to close to that area for over a month … and he’s still there.
But the claim it is proximity only came after the more recent patch that removed the remnants of the feeding system and gave us the current abomination. So I am testing again. I took a thrall to the Temple of Frost obelisk and stranded her on a rock out of reach of hostiles and where players are unlikely to want to build on the 30 May. My closest base is at the mount of the dead. I will not go up into the ice again until 15 June … a couple of days after she should have despawned.

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The main problem with this game is, that there is even no feedback and suggestions are auto closed after 7 days of inactivity which is completely worse and the reason for those mass of dead treads about this issue.

But this Thall / Aninimal issue is a real problem for each server which needs a rework nearby, that’s a fact!

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