Thralls and pets destroys the server

Get too many pets and thralls games constantly freezes and breaks sending you to a bluescreen where have restart the entire game. We’re alpha don’t get raided so tons of pets but freezes our game multiple times a day where people won’t use the base now. Seriously some game breaking stuff

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Then kill some of ur own thralls:)

Hello @Danbowie, thank you for reaching out!

Although we don’t enforce a limit on building and thrall capacity, there’s only so much going on in one place that a server can take, especially if you’re playing in Singleplayer / Cooperative since in this case you’re not making use of a dedicated machine to support that load.

Although we’ll always keep rolling out optimizations and fixes as far as performance is concerned, it’s best to be cautious when hoarding thralls and building extensively in a single area. We would suggest spreading them throughout different areas / bases if the collection is growing too large.

The thing is server getting now too much pets and thralls because they not decay anymore when peopels not active anymore the bases are vanish but the pets and thralls stay forever we need the feeding system back or servers will get. Unplayeabel


By default the thralls should decay if the clan doesn’t log in after a certain. Time (15 days I believe) if that doesn’t happen reporting it here so the community team can notify Devs is the next step, but I would also take things into my own hands and try remove them if it is not a PvE of PvEC server (i recommend gas arrows and patience)

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Yea inactive tribes thralls and pets need a decay time. Why would game devs not think of that?!?! Also I’m on an official server. Server 3552 on PS4. Built up on nbuto camp 5 tier 3 god shrines if any devs want see what I’m talking about. I’m on 6 H on the map

There is a decay timer, 15 days is meant to be the decay

No but you CAN AND SHOULD put the food system back this was keeping over thousands of thralls from belonging to one person. This wasn’t a hard issue to do or maintain food is easy to acquire and in large amounts people just didn’t want to do it and wanted what was provided endless thralls and massive lag. I would. Consider re-adding this as a server setting choice and a forced one on official severs.

They did but they removed it because people didn’t like feeding them because it was hard… which I have too much food to even eat so I don’t know what they are smoking but I can tell you they kist wanted billions of thralls and nice lag with it… here is to hoping we get it back but as a server option for private and forced for official servers.

Unlimited Thralls and Pets with out any cost is a serious problem on all platforms and servers. They create a serious lag issues. Either cap the number of thralls/pets an individual or clan can have AND implement the feeding system with consequences for not feeding your Thralls/Pets.

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I was able to easily have as many thrall and pets as I wanted on 7 bases with the feed system. It wasn’t stopping anyone. Just adding to labor and keeping people away. Customer service and money models suggest don’t give your competitors reason to take your business. They obviously saw a difference and reacted to it. In this thread the OP has a problem with his own clans thralls. Problem is solvable but not the answer he wanted.

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