Thralls and pets EVERYWHERE!

Something needs to be done to remove abondend pets and thralls. With no hunger system now people only have to log in once every two weeks and these things are there forever. I sont understand why each thrall and pet is not linked to the decay system of the base they are guarding. Once the building decays it gets demolished the pets and thralls go with it :man_shrugging:t2: As it is whole areas are just pumped full of mostly pets. There is a spot in the volcano that has not had a base for months. But because no hunger system and no proximity needed to reset thrall and pet timers there are like a hundred pets just mulling about. This is going to affect the server negatively at some point surely. It can’t be this hard to work the pets and thralls into the existing decay system.


They are supposed to decay after extended (2 weeks) period of no log in. That was the system that replaced the food system.

Yeah it’s pve official. Comes with the turf I know but there’s got to be a better system that works across all the different game types.

2 weeks is too long. It should be 1 week; the same as buildings.

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