Help me understand how thrall upkeep now works

I read that they don’t require food any more to stay alive.
But I also read in some other thread that they will die nonetheless if they’re stationed too far from your base.
How far is “too far”? Do they have to be within the claim radius, or do they actually have to stand on a building part to stay alive? Can you keep them from dying if they’re far away but you periodically supply them with food?

They will simply work with the rest of the decay system. Same as when you place any stuff away from your base.
Isolated objects not connected to a base, will decay most faster. Same for the thralls and pets.


This is a very good question.

We’ll have to wait for the “new decay window” to be Added to thralls/ pets to check that out, in the meanwhile Tascha or someone else from the dev team might enlighten us in that matter.
Hope i won’t have to build Under the feet of everysingle one of my guards to get a decent decay timer, as if it works the exact same way buildings do, that’s very bad news…but i Don’t think so, as many of my thralls should have died long ago otherwise.

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I would like to know this stuff too. I am playing in SP but am still somewhat new to CE and whilst I read the patch notes I didn’t understand the changes.

Also I remember it saying that they will still consume food and get a “buff” from it, what exactly IS this buff. Basically what I got from it was that unless they are gonna be fighting you don’t need to feed them?..

I think we need some clarification from funcom on this subject.

  1. Are thralls now tied to building decay?

  2. If so, what sort of building is required to give a thrall a full decay timer.
    Eg. Does it need to be standing on a foundation? Near a foundation? Near an unremovable fish trap?

  3. Does feeding thralls override building decay timers.
    Eg. A thrall placed out in the wild away from any land claim with a full inventory of food. Would it survive regardless of building decay timers?

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I feel many players are confused by the new system. Not helped by Funcom releasing it but not removing the hunger decrease or log warnings when they had no food in their inventory…

What they said in the patch notes for PC 2 March 2019 was:
“Thralls and pets no longer use the hunger system to stay alive. Instead, their life is terminated if no member of the clan to which they belong to, has logged into the game for two weeks (official servers). This is tied to the server setting for maximum decay time.”

(The last sentence is confusing in itself, as we who play on official servers know that maximum decay time is 7 days (168 hrs) plus 24 hour “decayed” state on items during which they can be reclaimed by the owner if they log in or demolished by any player. So where does a 14 day max decay come into it … and what does it mean for private server owners who vary their server decay times?)

There is nothing in those notes to indicate that players had to go near their thralls/pets to refresh the decay timer. How I have interpreted it is: you or any clan member logs into the server -> game runs code that resets the timer for all thralls & pets on that server’s database linked to you or your clan.

As Funcom didn’t test this in the test live versions so players could witness the code in action (as far as I’m aware) … and as it’s been less than two weeks since we had this code implemented none of the players would have seen the coding change kill off the thralls/pets of players who haven’t logged in since 2 March … so the guinea-pig PC live servers should start seeing thrall/pets clearances starting from 16 or 17 March.

What is unclear to me is if the code is going to reconcile log in - thrall/pet destruction to the Steam ID of the user OR to the Character they created on the server. Why is this important… well some players will either end the game via bracelet unlocks or decide to delete their character and make another on the same server immediately… and if it’s Steam ID related then their other characters thralls/pets which they can no longer interact with will persist … whereas under the starvation death system they would eventually die off …
Time will tell I guess …


i wouldnt expect much for something that i believe will change , as it is, its just a formula for griefing people with thralls, (on pve of course) so i would expect to have the hunger system back, (honey hoooney!XD

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My understanding is both through trial and testing.

  1. Thralls in fact no longer need food. At all. Nor do pets. They will not die. But they get grouchy. So I still feed them. Pets get more cranky and loud. Its actually quite sad and destressingm.

  2. your logs will show them starving. Which spams everything. It is depressing.

  3. If the thralls are around your main claim area then they are fine. They refresh as long as you appear to be in the claim area.

  4. Diet still seems to provide a buff to tje pet or the thrall. I feed my favorite thralls their diet so they can get the buff.

  5. I built a test outpost somewhere far. Transfered a level 1 Defari to it. Then never went back to that location again.

I let the building decay and the thrall died 2 days after the building vanished. So it is tied to the decay and land claim system.

Again…I did only test this once.

I have noticed the following. If the building decays naturally then the thralls die off naturally as well.

If someone finds your base and blows it up. Then the thralls will float for a little and about 1 to 2 days later vanish.


Thank you, Hexsung, that was very helpful!

Good points, and very good analysis !

Yes, the explanations of FC are often very mysterious and short.

Last paragraphe, with the Steam ID, and any alt char logging in make full sens to me. And of course it’s an important point witch would also explain that some thralls and pets may decay while other don’t.

Also of course the 14 days timer, how does it react, and how will it change if settings are altered (privat servers).

In my tests i saw also a different in what DB is handled, while a new one will handle this with ease, and old DB has different issue, starting with pets screeming around hungry, and some dispearing thralls.

This is only with old DB’s. If you set-up a new server, or start a new singleplayer game, the pets will not do that. This is a rest from the old system, very loud and distracting, i agree, but still, it’s more a bug than a feature.

Tested with new settings and DB’s, and no pets are screaming if let without food.

From my personal tests:

Yes, thralls do well around the base, where you’re mostly. But i had also a small camp poofing in a few days (under the 14 days), where i build about 3-4 foundations, a tent, some wooden box, and 4 thralls/pets. All poofed, no log, nothing, simply no more here.

I think here more of a bug, than really a feature from the decay or thralls system.

To few infos to say. But thralls, and pets have different states. If you place them out of you inventory, first, they will “guard” and this position is set as “home”.
If you make follow a thrall/pet to any other location, then ask them simply to stop follow you, they will stay in “scouting” state. After 10 minutes without you caring about, thrall/pet may return to its “home” location. This may explain some disparition, but of course not all.

This, not tested fully, and not enough time and tests to say for sure, i’m sorry !

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This is what I have noticed on official PVE-C.

Base decays. Thralls die after a time. If I blow up a decayed base their placed thralls will float or remain. Usually after 1 to 2 days they vanish.

I did it with my own mini base. Thrall vanished with the decay.

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Whereas on the official PvE server I play on there are still thralls on the ground and in the air of a base that decayed before the patch that introduced the kill after no log-in… so well after the 14 days. This morning I did a screenshot of them so I can create a formal bug report in two weeks time.
The thralls that was associated with a different players’ base near another of my bases all vanished on the 15th day after the patch was introduced.

Why one set vanished and the other did not is a mystery to me at the moment.
As far as I know there is no one from either clan logging in. However a player who used to belong to the clan where the thralls persist has changed clans and logs in regularly but as part of a different clan.

We have some long gone players on an Official PvP server who’s bases have long since decayed, but their thralls still remain. I’ve been “pulling them down” and “re-educating them” in recent campaigns. I am not sure that I believe that thralls decaying on PvP servers is working as it is presently intended.

I do not at all agree with Funcom’s decision to completely pull the feeding system. I felt that what they put into place was a natural product of getting player feedback, and implementing a pretty darned good compromise. As a strong opponent of adding the feeding system for thralls, I am a little disappointed to see this system get the sack. :frowning:

Kind of true now. We had a base that was abanadoned. Im not sure wjat happened if they were stacked with food or something. But a base decayed.

The thralls are sticking around. Its been a bit. My test showed them going. But this group in the tundra is still there. I dont go up there much. So it is glitching

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One question remains unanswered, though:
What happens to thralls that are unfed, are not on or near a base, but are regularly visited by their owner?

I rarely leave my Barbie Dream Castle anymore and I dont feed them and they dont die

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