Vanishing Pets & Thralls after recent patching

Game mode: Online private Gportal server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

All captured/tamed pets and thralls have vanished from world, except the ones in animalpen and crafting stations.
All settings on the server is as they have been for months.
Purge and both pet/thrall hunger system is OFF as it has been for 3 months.
10 players has in a total lost bout 700 thralls and 100 pets + all the equipment they had on them.

If anyone else have or have had this problem and know a potential fix or can come up with “why” it happened even tho hungerssytem and purge is OFF …

So i figured out it was because of the new log-in system they added with decaying pets & thralls after 14 days if ppl don’t log in.

Way to ruin it for those of us renting our own private servers so we can play with friends and/or alone on a server we set the rules and gamestyle on…
Utterly stupid system to add when it affects private servers but atleast i wont be spending more money on DLC in the future as i don’t see the point of playing after loosing a year+ worth of work…

Hey there @lattis

If you have admin rights to that server you could try to roll back to any of the previous back-ups and see if this issue persists. But as per our recent changes, pet and thralls are no longer tied to the hunger system but to the decay system. It was announced in our Patch notes released a month ago.

Thanks for your feedback

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Is decay for pets in effect even if the decay on server is disabled?

It should not be. QA is testing your past report about this and see if it’s not behaving as intended.

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No mods, and Decay system is OFF aswell.

Hey @lattis

Make sure to also change this two settings in your server ini files:


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Thanks Ignasis for this precious info.

Added them as quick i could to my “all to know for CE” folder ! :wink:

I’m sure there still more goodies like this around. Thankies !

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We’re working on providing updated documentation with all the new lines added into the game :slight_smile:

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I have them


Are they still decaying with those settings in?

Ignasis helped another server owner with those two settings … just checking that you hadn’t done the same as him … he changed them whilst the server was running and they were not saved.
He had to shut the server off → add the two settings → turn server back on.
He hasn’t reposted that he had further problems.
His post is here:

yes …
I am gonna wipe server, reinstall it and upload 2 months old backup i have of the savegame files where everything is there and see if it changes anything.
With the same settings edited in ofcourse.

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i manually added them into the serversettings.ini after downlaoding it from server via FTP while server was turned OFF, then uploaded the changed .ini and i still see the settings in there so it should have worked.
Decided to try a reisntall of the server, adding older savegamefiles now and then hope for the best.

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Let us know how that goes.
We’re going to deploy a patch really soon that includes this among other options integrated into the GUI.


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