Training facilties for fighter and archer thralls

It should be possible to train our T4 fighter and archer thralls and make them stronger.

For example an archer of the Exiles faction should become as strong as an archer from the Forgotten Tribes if we put him for some hours or days into a training facilty like for example the archer target which is now just decoration.

This would make the T4s of the souther map areas useful as these from the northern map and not just a waste of time in the wheel.

Mentor (like the taskmaster in the wheel of pain) could be a new thrall named mentor or just another, better fighter/archer. The thrall in the training facilty would then become as strong as his mentor. So if you have better mentors, you can create better fighters.

What do you think about this idea ?


I don’t know about making ‘noob area’ thralls quite as good as the best in the game, but some level of improvement would certainly be a nice option.

It’s one of many things that could be done to the Thrall system, which IMO still falls far short of its potential.


I think the further development of the thrall system is the most important point for the next update.
All the suggestions for this feature are made.

  1. Behavior of Thralls
  2. Commands for Thralls
  3. Training for Thralls
  4. Emotes for Thralls
  5. Naming for Thralls
  6. Waypoint system for Thralls
  7. more types of Thralls (musicians which are using instruments, pet trainers, Thrall trainers, Thrall scouts)
  8. more diversity for Thralls (Thralls with beards, scars…)

This would be so great. I hope you are right. The thrall system in Conan Exiles has far more potential than the dino system in ARK for example.


I like the idea of thralls gaining levels/strenght, it would increase the allready increasing immersion of the game.

Why not let the thrall that you use most gain experience?

No matter what tier he is at the starting point, you allways have one favorite right, the one you use the most for killing, in the furnace etc.

Your trusted soldier will gain exp and get a little bit stronger then the regular warrior of the same tier, that i would like, as the trainig is the fact that he kills and fights just as much as you:)

On a nother note, if one put this together with the new commands for thralls they could have learned a speciality at your preference, like a tank or pure dps, archery etc, i like that idea.

Theres just many ways to do what the op here implies, and i like the idea, i like it alot.


In principle, I like the idea. The beginner Factions have some very neat named characters, but as long as their performance doesn’t increase with player level, they eventually become deadweight. I couldn’t take Thugra or Mei the Blade with me into the top-tier areas, no matter how much I like them. (Well, in fact if I liked them very little I could take them into the top-tier areas…)

However… I don’t think it would be a good idea to be able to recruit a Captain-equivalent from the Noob River region and 90 hours of afking. It has to have a cost. Limiting the maximum tier of the thrall to that of the taskmaster is a solid idea, and as taskmasters already act as drill sergeants in some places (such as the Black Galleon) it makes sense to give them that role. But I still think as good thrall is worth his weight in gold, so the training needs to cost something non-trivial.

Maybe the “crafting station” could use stat-increasing potions as “fuel”, ie. give the thralls a fantasy equivalent of a steroid treatment to bulk them up. Maybe it could cost money and give us another use for coins. Maybe you’d need to feed the thrall healthier food so they can train to become stronger, and give an actual use to some of the more esoteric food types that aren’t usually worth the trouble of cooking because aloe soup is so cost-effective for our own use. Maybe all of the three. I know I would be willing to go through quite a lot of effort in order to make my dear, useless Exile fighters worth having around.


Maybe only the named thralls can have this.
And maybe there is a max. Level 10.
Training should take time, and some kind of actual usage. Just throwing another station and dropping them in seems sort of immersion breaking. The usage idea is perfect.
And as for max level, higher area thralls start ahead of the curve. All can reach level 10, the benefit of the higher area thralls (berserker, volcano) is it would take less time to get them there. They start at level 4, and noob area start at level 0.

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I have always thought maybe each tier can level up only once passed their respective tier would be interesting. So tier 3’s can reach tier 4 potential, but then people who can do whatever needed done, could make tier 4’s crazy tough. Better for boss hunting and such. I dunno.

I am talking just about the T4 thralls which could gain hp, strenght and other attributes while trained.

It would certainly help with the proliferation of Dalinsia’s and veritable armies of ‘Captain’ if other names thralls had similar combat values.

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