Thrall Training Items

Trying to build up a Thrall army can be pretty difficult. Can we get anything that helps to slowly increase Thrall XP over time?


Everythihng level so fast now, But maybe that guarding/scouting folowers also get XP.

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What about some form of a ‘training dummy’ thralls could practice combat on. Like an actually army.

Wooden stick man for melee target.
Scarecrow target for archers.

We could set up training grounds and let thralls gain xp from the targets.


Maybe sefens stations/baracks + stables, wher you can put thralls and pets that come out when you get atacked. And they can get xp by beaing ther. that will also save the preformens on the server whit less folowers runing around the map.

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Would be good

Maybe training regimes that influence what perks they get, like raise strength influence strenght perks etc

great idea

It would be cool if altars influence the perks as they level. Maybe allow them to reassign their religion. There is one rare religion that makes sense this way.

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