Training thralls passively

So I know last year I posted about a training camp which I feel like I didn’t hashed it out completely so here is what I hope is a indepth description of this placeable. There is two types training camp and improved training camp something you might get from the bizarre (hope I spelled that right). one would be a 3x3 while the other is a 4x4 or 5x5 (up to funcom to decide on that) once you place the thralls you would like to passively trained you would need to put in the box on the side the type of food you would like them to eat which acts as like a furnace. Each thrall depending on their tier level will take some time to train which upon putting them in there would also ask what level you want them to train to however putting task master will reduced the depending on the tier. Once the thralls are trained there will be a 12 hour (in-game) cool down to which it mean you can’t place them down until that cool down is up. Hopefully that explains it and maybe it can get put in the next update also this would be get for RP and PVE don’t know about PVP but anything is better then taking them one by one just to level up your army


I had an idea of something similar back in the day but i posted it on steam like an idiot. My idea was to introduce a new type of taskmaster thrall to the game for thrall training purposes since Conan was trained on the wheel himself why not just continue to use for training. Right now the only taskmasters we have only speed up the thrall braking process but by introducing a new type of training thrall where each tier of thrall would not only break the thrall but leaving it in the wheel after breaking will keep it training to a set lvl with set stats.
T1 - lvl 5
T2 - lvl 10
T3 - lvl 15
T4 - lvl 20
For those that want better stats for their thralls as they lvl have the current taming method.

This was just an idea I had so i could keep my wheels of pain moving to add more life into my base and to add a more personal attachment to the thrall I use as companions then those I use as guards at my base.

much needed. They could use the training dummies, or a small arena where they can figtht each other and gain xp, xp maybe could come from a pool of player xp, after lvl n matter how much you play a lot of xp is wasted, it could be used to lvl thralls passively. Hope FC dont come with a giant placeable ou bulding piece to do this.

While this isn’t meant as a solution, and should not be taken as a reason not to add such features to the main game - those that do have access to mods and want this feature might be interested in ‘Thralls are alive’ (assuming it is currently working - it may need to wait for the devkit update). Among the various things it allows (patrols, resource gathering, sleeping schedules) it includes a ‘training’ function. Thralls instructed to train will (for example) go to the archery targets at the scheduled time and slowly gain ‘xp’ that increases their base stats (to a max of +10) (archery for agility, training dummies for strength, press-ups for vit and rolls for grit). This still won’t create ‘god-thralls’ (and the xp gain can be switched off, so they just perform the actions of training), but can provide some improvement, plus adds a lot of life to the base with all these thralls doing stuff rather than just standing around.

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I still don’t see the benefit of this and the potential of abuse to basically have thrall training 24/7 and getting 60 some thralls trained and all the servers start crashing as the incentive to max your thrall count.

However I do think we could have some things to help us tailor our thrall better. Right now, the food selection only helps our attribute trait advancement mildly. However what if you could place the thrall in a spot where this could increase your chances of attribute gain? (like 1%/ day) before you start them out? Yes this means you don’t get to play with the thrall until its done and if you want said thrall to be 100% in all 4 attributes, then you are probably waiting 3-6 months but that is rewarding patience.

You could also use it to bump your thrall to the next tier level but you would have to have them fully leveled to 20 to do so. The T4 would be you making your own unique thrall in the world. Obviously the race stays the same so you aren’t going to make a T1 exile warrior into a Beserker but you can have options to build what you want vs RNG a t4.

Adding more. If you want to just level your thralls quickly I say make the tablet of power a consumable for your thrall to gain X amount of XP. They are worthless to the players once we get all the knowledges learned and it’s one of the rewards of the JblSg event so many of us are just sitting on stacks of them.

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