Behavior of thrall

It should be possible to modify the artificial intelligence of slaves, so that they do not rush into battle when killing enemies.
Or attack only the targets attacked by the player.

Because slaves have the bad idea of running on all the enemies in range and often, this makes the situation complicated, because they can die and put the player in a bad situation, without forgetting all the objects that the slave wore. can be lost or too heavy to wear.

I know there are camels, but I doubt that this is very different from the slave-carrying ones.

Finally an i.a different from the currently present.

Pour finir, je souhaite juste dire que ça serait appréciable que les esclaves ne foncent pas dans le tas si bétement, nottament les porteurs.


Improved thrall and pet commanding is/was planned.

L’amélioration du thrall et du commandement des familiers est ou était prévue.

PS: I suggest translating using - almost nothing wrong with your english though.

PS : Je vous suggère de traduire à l’aide de - presque rien de mal avec votre anglais bien que.

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Really ? thanks it’s cool

Ok pour Deepl, je l’utiliserai ça sera peut être mieux que Gogol Translate…

Thralls need to be fixed bad if I can walk into a base and they not attack me, hows my base defended. I just walk by another players 30 plus thralls could have stolen all his stuff they did nothing. Pets either. Pvp official.

Not sure how/if it makes a change
If you enter the admin panel you can spawn Thralls and set their :nerd_face:“aggression level” but I don’t see a big difference.
It would be nice if there was an option on the Thrall “r” menu to set the intelligence to "passive, aggressive, support etc

  • a delete option would be nice rather than place them near a boss every time I want to get rid of one :laughing:
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