What would you like to see included in a settlement system

I’m curious as to what functions my fellow player would want a settlement system to preform. I’ve come up with a short list myself but please share any thoughts you might have.

-Centralized control of thrall behavior. Who they are hostile toward and how they react to hostile.
-Set permissions for building and storage access.
-Centralized upkeep for thrall and building upkeep if and when it is implemented.
-A tax system for giving the settlement a cut of all commerce that takes place within its walls.


I’d love to see religion have an effect on your cities. If you worship Yog, then that should affect your cities greatly. Perhaps requiring constant sacrifices to keep your avatar defense shield up.

I’d also love to see thralls volunteer to join you. Wandering in from the wastes, you could then assign them to specific training and sort them into castes.

But the settlement system is really a whole 'nother game in itself. I think it’s unfortunately highly unlikely to be added in for this title. Maybe for a Conan Exiles 2 in the distant future?

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control of thrall behavior too, and city life, with thrall who have to sleep and eat, with skyrim-like routine (it’s what they want to do), to have immerssive cities. More thrall type: with bards, merchent…
option on door to unlock for everyone who is not in clan (if we make building like tavern…)

Well, they promised it for Conan Exiles 1, I don’t want to see a second title anytime soon, and by anytime soon, I’m talking about an Elder Scrolls VI kinda of ‘not anytime soon’. Fallout 4 has a pretty basic settlement system that could easily be implemented here.

ElderDays, I agree with the suggestions you made I would also add a traveling caravan sort of system, where you give some items for the traders to sell, and a list of other items to buy, target another player or npc settlement and establish the trade route. You should personalize your caravans by number of bearers, pack mules and guards, and should also consider to scout the caravan yourself to avoid raiding.
Doesn’t have to be complex, you should craft a trade center to organize the route and target other players centers, so the npc would just walk from point A to B while defending themselves on the way.

Id like to have more control over the thralls, like sending them out to harvest/mine. One easy way to implement this is to make the preferred action into like a crafting station. For example if you want your thrall to mine stone you can craft a quarry, hunt and skin/gather meat you can craft an animal pen, etc.

Also an idea from my brother is the ability to create caravan routes between your settlements.

I just want someone to turn off all the torches during the day.

This is very good

I think that’s just to much for one game. Sounds to me like the gamer base is getting lazy. Trying to get thralls to do your work for you. I think you miss the point of it being a survival game.

More in depth control of thrall behavior and assigning task like who they attack who they defend and also help gather materials with player
Or at least process materials brought in ( turn ironstone or into iron and such) possibly set patrolling routes for groups of thralls also a means to take more than 1 thrall per player with you as a follow.