What Features are coming with the Settlement System?

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i hope you enjoy the game as much as i do. Cause i love it! :smiley: I was wondering if anybody can tell me or give me link for Informations about the Settlement System. I tried to find something but i didn´t. The only thing was, that it was not implemented in the released Game as announced. What is it about? And what can we do with it? And hell is it something we can eat? ;D

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Settlement system has never been clearly defined. Just a group of vague ideas like new buildings (barracks) or new features like farming, trading, schedules and commands for thralls…

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I would also like to know what’s coming ,this game is great but incomplete

No one knows. Funcom have provided only vague information about that. There are some references on sadly famous communicate: https://www.conanexiles.com/blog/conan-exiles-launch-beyond/
In a few words: Sorcery? probably, if they can hire someone who makes special effects (cross your fingers); settlement system= maybe; pets? possible; mounts? forget that.

I think modders are going to beat them in their own game ,there are mods that make thralls better ,add new buildings,I’ve even seen one that adds enchantements and other stuff,little by little single player will become a Skyrim esque playground and the systems modding will bring this game to a new level .
But I have some hope that funcom can add some stuff

I’m actually happy with this in some ways. Modders can make a ton of things and test them get the bugs out than funcom can see what works and what people want and add it that way. Mods can be used like beta testing in a way while the dev can not spend the money on it and also not make things that don’t work or people hate.

As long as they are open with what can be modded in I’m sure this game will live a long life off official servers

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