To put working thraslls in bedds and chair´s and so?

When you cant but combat thralls to Close but whit Crafting thralls it will be just decorativ and to put some use to thralls you dont need to day!


I certainly think having “animation stations”, that is pseudo-crafting stations that don’t do anything except have thralls play various animations, would be beneficial. It’d be a paupers version of the settlement system, but anything that adds some life is great. I find myself building more crafting stations (like blacksmiths) than I really need, just so I can place thralls in them to simulate life.

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the grafik stuff alredy exist for the thralls and you can do that whit youre caracter so it cant be to hard to implent it.

its alot harder to make it immersive but for a thrall item chair that is doable and quick to do but in long run. it be best to get an AI in the thrall to let it choose to do something base on it personality

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ive used a mod (i think by stray) which lets you make cheap dance tokens, (of various poses and animations) and if you give it to some thralls, they will do that type of animation on a random basis) - its pretty cool :slight_smile:

i havent found a way to get it to work with anything other than the placeable ones, but maybe there is a way

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