Crafting thrall outfitting

Maybe now with the last update making it so thralls that spawned topless no longer do so we can get a way of dressing all thalls how we want. I went out of my way to hunt down only topless female crafting thralls to theme my base as i couldn’t dress them in the dlc armor. I understand if this was done to fix the purges from all showing up naked but now it’s removed something from the game that wasn’t an issue


Lots of mods out there to get your crafters’ boobs out if that’s what you want.

If you play on official servers or on consoles and don’t have access to mods… well, I can direct you to some websites that may satisfy your need for boobage so maybe you can handle your Conan Exiles with some ladies actually wearing clothes.

-_- can tell you didn’t read the fact that it was for the theme of the base and just wanted to make a useless comment

Can’t you just undress them?

Nope can’t do anything with the crafting thralls except put them on the stations

Well if the “theme” for your base is “topless female crafters”, there are only so many conclusions one can draw…

Furthermore, I did suggest mods, and I still don’t have the information whether you can use them or not, so I don’t know whether my earlier post was actually helpful or not - but it did contain an attempt to be so.

Some of us would like to change to clothing of our crafter thralls and don’t have access to mods.
2 of the 3 systems this game is played on do not support mods.

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I am aware of this, as evidenced by my first post in this thread. And I am by no means opposed to having a dress-a-dolly feature for crafting thralls - I got a mod for my own use for that specific purpose - but until Funcom makes that feature available, mods are useful for some of us. Which might include the OP.

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No worries dude.

It just seems like every time someone has a suggestion or an issue there’s always somebody who says “use a mod” without adding anything else constructive. I’ve seen people say something to that effect on threads specifically about ps4 or xbox. It just gets annoying after awhile.

Players have been asking for the ability to change the worker thralls’ armor since I joined this forum.

What’s the point of adding nudity to the game if it’s never seen? Outside of your character and thralls, it’s barely in the game now. (No pun intended.) I’ve only ever seen 1 fully nude untamed npc and I’m pretty sure that was because of a bug. Just the occasional topless one.

This is the 1st I’ve heard of this change. It seems from watching videos that back in early access they did spawn naked sometimes, and that was changed at some point.
If they take out the topless ones too now, that basically removes a small part of the game. It’s not an important part, but it is one of the things that makes this game special.


He just want to be lore friendly, take a look to Conan films, not the new one…Schwarzenegger ones, the REAL Conan xD

We are in agreement here. It irritates me too when people suggest mods when the thread is tagged for consoles or official, which is why I try to ask whether it’s an option if an OP doesn’t specify their platform.

I also agree that in-game nudity is refreshing in this age of inexplicable media chastity. I was delighted to see that people in the bathhouse in Pillars of Eternity 2 were actually unclothed - and although I’d still play Conan Exiles if nudity wasn’t available, I’m pleased that it is.

But I’m an egalitarian. I resent the idea of rejecting male crafters, nude or not. (And yes, my bases do contain he occasional bare-butt guy as well as the occasional shirtless girl. Just today I tossed a male thrall into my city’s brothel, lying seductively on a double bed.)


The reason of the theme is because my base has a caste system and to show the place off the crafters as one of the lowest they are topless

And your lowest caste consists of females because…?

Oh well, it’s a primitive fantasy world.

Mostly was getting female thralls atm as males can be found at any time. Tier 3 and 4 female topless thralls where much harder

It would be very nice to be able to control Craft Thralls’ clothing. Topless females, color theme, Nordhimer or w/e theme - this will be a great feature to the game that i would personally look forward to!

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Honestly, I really like the idea of creating a “uniform” for crafting thralls.


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