Wher did the naked/toppless crafters go?

Havent dadly sean them sins after the uppdate, dont know if its a bugg or somting they did

I know right? They will be missed.

Nothing like a sweaty Beri toiling under the heat.

Pre-existing topless thralls remain topless. Consider those the most valuable time limited exclusive assets ever blessed upon our time playing. Until of course they add table thrall customization, which will never happen because it’s not a priority. PvPers would be too bizzy rage-quitting or complaining on forums asking for nerfs, to get to enjoy that feature, so it’s not good enough “boom for buck.”


If you are not on an official server, then the Emberlight mod might help you :wink:

No im on an official one.

Yes and all the rest t3 crafter out ther, hope they bring them back. Atleast when se still cant dress them ourself and we can whit commbat thralls.

First they tock the naked purge away and now this.

I lost all my nice one just b4 the uppdate to so its extremly painfull to miss them and cant get new ones….

Yeah i already made a topic about this awhile back. Since the last major update they gave all the professions clothing changing a feature of the game thats been there since early access. Hopefully they full a feature that lets us dress our thralls how we want as i want to put dlc armor on some

They all live in my house now. I captured them all.

I have my original save, they stayed topless, but all defaulted to med chest size… -_-’
Not a big booby fan. XD

I hate Turban the crafters wear more then i hate Course shirt…

I rarely see nudity in this game since last few patchs on ps4, even exiles and darfari at start of game, 99% chance they will slap on course shirt, its rare to see one even go topless.

And please bringback the old daya leaddrinker new one is fugly

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This is why I stopped rewarding Funcom by buying their DLC’s.

Yes i know. was planing to get some myself but feel that i have to wait and se whats coming, if they will fix/return thins stuff and other problem as waled in/off obeliskes/areas.

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