The end of Topless thralls? ( . )( . )

After this last patch the workstation thralls seems to have become a little more… modest, in their dress code.

Now, all alchemist’s, cook’s, blacksmith’s, tanner’s, smelter’s, and armorer’s adhere to a strict dress code that nobody is allowed to deviate from. (You can spawn them endlessly from the admin panel, they all look the same)

Pre-patch, there was always a chance you might see a thrall who was a little closer to nature. AKA going topless.
Specifically, the Dogs of the Desert, Darfari Cannibals, Forgotten Tribe, and Heirs of the North were more likely to Free the Nipple. :grinning:

So, anyone know why the Conan universe is moving a little closer towards a Victorian era of clothes wear? :grin:


My Master Tanner Riy (sp) is totally in the buck right now. She makes the leather but wears her birthday suit.

I’d like to know too.
Missing the good old days already…

Ah, but you acquired her pre-patch from a nudist colony purge, did you not? :grin:

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Maybe. I don’t just her life choices. She makes the leather

The patch reverted the settings on the end user back to default non nudity just go into your settings and change it back


Yeah, just fix your usee settings then reload the area. Worked for me (but that pior blacksmith… I know i would not want to risk burning those puppies).

This depends your settings and server-settings. Of course if you play on official, you want be unable to set to full-nudity, or ever partial i think.

Privat, depends server-settings, and singleplayer is only your choice.
Happens that after patch some players experience a roll-back in the settings. Simply set it back to wanted nutidy settings, or change it in the ini.files.

This seems to happen a lot with patches. I always just go into settings and set it back. Very easy to do, so not worth reporting imo.

If that was true, then wouldn’t all the topless thralls from before the patch have suddenly put on a shirt?
They’re still topless. It’s only the captured-after-the-patch thralls that feel the need to put on a sweater.

That is definately a oddity. I only had nudity turned off on my end but it was maxed on my private server. So i made the changes on my end and it is good. But definately sounds like a bug or a mod needing updating that may be causing the undesired effect.

No more topless thralls is just the tip of the iceberg. This was an intended change. They wanted the NPCs to be more easily identifiable by giving them occupation themed armor/clothing and weapons. So blacksmiths wear aprons, dancers wear dancing outfits, taskmasters wear Hyperborean slaver armor, etc. Unfortunately this does mean less variety in specific types of thralls. All your blacksmiths will wear the same thing, for example.

Personally, I like the general idea, but I’d greatly prefer being able to have some variety in my crafters. Ideally we should be able to dress them how we want. If I want some wearing aprons and some wearing pict armor, I should be able to do that. Same as if I want them all wearing reptile armor or going buck naked. They’re my thralls after all. They shouldn’t be able to defy me by wearing clothing that I didn’t approve. :angry:

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i only seem to be able to find topless dancers and combat thralls which is nice but where have all the hot smelters gone now??!!! Where are the cute blacksmiths and so on …
Hunting NPCS was more entertaining before as you could end up with a whole nudist base in the end.


I’m all for customizeable thralls, and I like my cheesecake as much as the next guy… but I’m starting to wonder, based on the tone of some replies in this thread, whether it’d still be better for everyone if the thralls were clothed after all.

Don’t ruin it, guys.

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Well PVP should be more interesting. Besides looting your base for its resources, people will be looking for those rare apron-less thralls that you just can’t find anymore. :smile:

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