Old thrall apparences changed since last patch

Hey there

Ever since the last patch landed on live servers i noticed some of my old thrall has changed in one way or another. While it is not a big issue regarding the gameplay or anything, i just find it odd that my thralls decided to do breast surgeries and lower their breasts sizes! (i guess they were not very pleased with their melon sized secondary weapons).
Their faces also slightly changed, luckly this effect was more positive than negative compared to previous change.

I am sure i am not alone with this awful nerf on breasts on my thralls. Fork the ambriosa change, buff my followers jugs back! (jk, but not sure if its intended change or not)

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More “stealth” changes without reason. Apparently different breast and penis size was causing massive lag and had to be nerfed. They should just make every thrall look exactly the same and be done with it.

For my taste, most of the important female thralls like dalinsia had way to big boobies. I mean I get a lot of mens like it and Conan is mostly designed by mens, haha… but comon. I don´t want to play boobie simulator ■■■.

Shame really, i had an army of amazons with nice features. I’ll survive this change but this is another unwelcome adjustment in my book hehe.

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