Clothing won’t stay off of female thralls unless it’s their default

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

Every time i get back into the game that unless it was their default topless outfit anything i remove is put back on or replaced even though there is nothing in their inventory, it happen only with female thralls, mostly dancers.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Give you admin rights and nudity on both options to full
2.Via admin panel summon a dancer as a already deployable thrall
3.Undress him/her and don’t give another clothes
4.Log out-log in (even restart the game or reinstalling it wont help)


Hey @Ibericvs

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Please make sure that your server is also set to full nudity (even in single player). You can find such an option in Settings -Server Settings - General.

Hello @Ignasi and thanks

Yes, I have checked this too. It makes no diference.
Pls note that this only happens with female thralls.
Male thralls stay undressed if you remove their clothes.

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I can confirm this happens with full nudity enabled, they can have nothing on when you log out, but at are clothed when you log back in.


Thanks for the confirmation @Ibericvs & @CrystalGoddess
Sending note to our team.

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@CrystalGoddess @Ignasi thanks!

This may be connected to the server settings not saving in singleplayer mode. I was able to fix it permanently after setting the server settings to Full, then going to Gameplay and changing the nudity level to None then back to Full to force a save. After this change the settings are retained and remain after reload.



I have tried with those options too without any improvement but not sure now if I did the way you say.

Worth give it a try tonight. Will update the post then.


@jams @Ignasi

I have tried the way @jams without results.

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This is what i reported a few times over year. (Jens is one who responsed)
You end up having give them clothes to equip, then remove to get them back.
They equip course clothing, but never have it on them.

(one patch did make them spawn clothes you had take away again) but was fix/removed.

I keep a chest with some course clothes in it, to give and take from thralls in my home to fix it. If I’m gonna play a length of time anyway.


I found something that, even not optimal, work around the problem.

I made the thralls follow me (radial menu, dont have to move or anything) > get the clothes off > stop following.

Tested this with 1X thralls, logged out/in several times and for now works.

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I have the same issue (Partial nudity) N American ps4 version.

If the dancer was topless when captured they’ll be topless by default, however, any thrall gender or job exits the wheel of pain wearing a coarse tunic and you log off with the thrall having no shirt on; the character model will display a coarse tunic when you log back in, when they have no chest armor equipped.


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