Precisions on the “nudity settings issue” to help with troubleshooting

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North A.]

On Trello the description is: “Nudity settings revert back to their default values.”

  • I did encounter that issue with settings;
  • I did encounter the symptoms without actual issues with settings.

More specifically:

  • Randomly, thralls with removed clothes will show as fully clothed.
  • Even when clothes are still in their inventory, new ones are created.
  • Proportion of affected thralls is about 7/10 (majority).
  • New clothes (from the bug) remain when the settings are adjusted.
  • The issue comes back every time the game is started.
  • The issue occurs regardless the settings being right or wrong.


  • The issue may not stem solely from the settings.


  • Does it prevent anything in the gameplay? No
  • Does it affect the user/customer experience? Yes, very annoying.
  • Is this a maturity issue from users? It solely concerns customers and shouldn’t be up to debating.
  • What is the weight factor of nudity features in game sales? Certainly more than anyone would admit.
  • How harsh replies influence users to bring up topics about nudity in console video gaming mostly anywhere? Highly
  • Thus, would such topic bring much constructive contributions? No
  • Do I feel like Funcom underestimates nudity issues in customer retention and future sales? Obviously
  • Do I sound like an immature teenage whom has never had an internet connection? Perhaps, but I am rather a well grown-up who can’t stand to be prevented to witness naked bodies in his own private home. I’m also a little pissed when people are prompted to justify why they would want any such thing.
  • Am I upset with Funcom? No, making such game is challenging and labour intensive. I believe though that people get irritated facing game-sales revenues vs. limited ressources invested into getting the game to work properly after and long after its release.
  • Why do people complain at all? Because they like your product very much otherwise they wouldn’t bother to give any thoughts about it.

Alright I turned 60 yesterday and this Sony update and or whatever . hate that word .screwed up everything including my topless Dancers just not fair going thru settings still can’t fix even my wife thinks we’ should have this option with is going on

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