Nude npc's. Known bug, patch or bad luck? Need info and help

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [ps4 Australia]

Not sure if its a bug or not but fully nude npc’s / thralls dont seem to spawn even when full nude is set on both server and game side. Only topless but never fully naked (still can remove all the clothes of a thrall once broken (unless its not a combat or dancer one saddly. That should be changed i think but moving on) but still odd that i have yet to find a fully naked or bottomless npc male or famale. So can someone tell me is this a bug known or unknown, caused from a update or patch, or am i just really unlucky in the spawning department of npcs? Ta guys

Steps on how to reproduce issue: game
2.start game
3.hunt for npcs
4.find only topless or clothed npcs

It’s been that way since launch, it seems NPCs are set to partial regardless of your nudity settings.

That really sucks. Are they able to fix that or they just like meh.

Also whats up with them starfishing and cliping into the ground after awhile u knock them out. Lost a few after i was draging them and the rope snapped and they clipped into a cliff side ect

Sometimes they fall through the floor or mesh. You can leave the area and come back and see if they are reset to where you left them. In my experience it’s about 50/50 that you will find them unconscious waiting for your return.

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