NPC's never fully nude

Game mode: Singleplayer and Singleplayer testlive

Problem: Bug
Region: U.S

I noticed that NPC’s in my game are never fully nude even with both the client and server settings set to full nude. I’ve tested this by spawning dozens of exiles and although I will get topless females there are never any bottomless males nor females as the one that would be are wearing loincloths. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying files in steam and checking the .ini file settings for nudity. This occurs on both live and testlive.

Region: US. Thats the problem. If I remember correct you cant have full nudity in US.

I thought that was just for consoles? Also i can get my own character to be fully nude but just not npcs, which seems odd.

Do you mean you can’t get nude NPCs to spawn in the world?

I am playing single player game too, in US, and NPCs do spawn shirtless or plants-less from time to time. Although, it seems rare, as it means they lost an equipment roll, and spawned without a specific piece of armor. Also, I would assume that anything north of the river/desert will be fully equipped in full armor.

I did encounter a few shirtless female exiles, south of the river, trying to murder me.

You need change it in the ini-file. Make a copy of your default-ini, then change the value to 2 and set it with no writing rights.
Or you may use some mods, some may work well to. But i think the ini-files is the simpliest way.