Purges happen ALWAYS with Naked NPCs

On a Dedicated Server with 5 players.

ALL NPC Purges are Naked!

Anyone else having this issue?

Same. I at first thought it was mod related, and disabled them all. Still naked. So then I tried a new game with them disabled. Still naked. Then I tried a bran new game after verifying files and every mod unsubbed. Still naked.

Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, I have the same issue.

Still having this issue after the latest patch, which doesn’t come as a surprise.

Yep so are we!

Whole server has NAKED Purges!

Out of curiosity, what is the nudity level set to on your servers? (Could be that they are spawning the Purge NPCs under a different system, that is based on that factor…)

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Full Nudity on our server. However the folks that didn’t have that setting on were getting them naked but with loin-clothes. Which means they are still technically naked, just censored!

Any news Funcom?

That’s all we get on our dedicated server as well. Naked bandits! Not really complaining, but breaks the immersion.

Any news Funcom? Do you care?

Their silence about the many many bugs sure creates the impression that they do not care.

They ‘learned’ this lesson during EA as well. I suspect there’s an accountant/exec somewhere that is holding things back. Ie; not wanting to pay a CS moderator to review forums, or at worst, just cutting back and hoping for more sales before everyone gives up and it dies out.

I’m necroing this thread bc this bug still hasn’t been fixed. Doubt anyone from funcom actually checks the forums anyway but yolo.

Yep I can confirm that even post 500+ patch all our purge NPCs spawn in naked.