Repeated Naked purge

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
**Region:**North America

I live near Godsclaw Passage in the highlands. I never got a purge and was finally able to spawn in a purge. Every purge i have had has been naked members of the forgotten tribe. Anyone know a fix for this? from my looking around its been going on now for a year with other player’s complaining about it.

It’s fixed on testlive.

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Great! when is testlive expected to be released? Last i heard was supposed to be before the holidays.

Testlive was supposed to be updated before the holidays is probably what you heard, which it was. It was patched on December 18th. Per Ignasis, they hope to have testlive moved to live in 2-3 weeks but consider that release window as “fluid.”

Thats probably what it was, thanks hopefully it’ll all smooth out and come out soon!

I’m closing this thread since this issue is resolved.
We don’t have any estimate on when the Testlive patch is going to be released on the main build of the game, but expect two to three weeks.