No brushing for a few days

**Game mode:**Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: 1214

Hello! No cleaning for multiple players on the server! My level is 100% third day!

Hey there!
We are aware that the purge isn’t working as intended currently. This is fixed on TestLive. :slight_smile: You can also see the status of this bug and others on our Trello board. The live build will be updated once we are happy with the changes on TestLive. Thank you for your patience!


This is not the right answer!

This is very bad, as you suggest that I do not perform any actions in the game until the game is updated! I just do not get any rewards for participating in the game before correcting this error!

Why is it bad? Take advantage of it and get your defenses better prepared for when the purge is working correctly :wink:


Thanks for your feedback. Closing topic as it’s been fixed in Testlive. We don’t have an estimated date for when this is going to be implemented live, but expect two to three weeks.

Happy new year.