Naked Purges everywhere? any difficulty

Hello - on my singleplayer/coop game i am having Naked purges, all the NPCs are naked except for animals ofcourse, even after latest patch!

+In the north purges, only nordheimers spawn, no animals, doesnt matter which difficulty.

I’m guessing you want the Conan Exiles forum. This is Age of Conan, which unfortunately doesn’t have “naked purges”.

Moved to Exiles forum.

All but one of my purges have been while I was offline (which I thought wasn’t supposed to happen on Official PvE rulesets, but that’s neither here nor there). That one purge was two waves of naked tier 2 and tier 3 Cimmerians.

(Server 1522, located in the bend of the river halfway between Godward Tower and Ruins of Velstad, 4x7 tier 3 house and two 1x2 outbuildings.)