All Nude Purges?

Ok, so basically:

Single Player
A lot of mods, but none that affect Player models (just add armors)
PC - Steam
All the purge NPC’s are nude, other than a few random T4+ NPC’s, the boss is nude as well… but when I claim the Thralls, they get dressed in basic armor.


Your copy and paste didn’t go through evidently when you use a cell phone the appropriate button is hard to
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tried to send gif of nude angry mob attacking but could not find anything SFW

Just for the record, what difficulty rank purge is this?

There are some purge waves that are all nude. I think they’re referred to as “conscripts”, but I could be misremembering. Basically they’re prisoners being forced to act as shock troops and cannon fodder. So it does kind of make sense that the people using them might not bother with giving them more than an old rusty sword to fight with.

Other than that, you mentioned you do have mods, and even though they supposedly don’t mess with player models, any new update can bring with it weird unforeseen interactions between the mod and the game.

It has been every level… I am currently on level 6… I will list the mods here in a few…


I listed the mod numbers of the oddly named ones… I hope this helps?

So, Update: I paid attention more closely to what thralls were coming through on purges… and yes, there were a few of the “prisoners” - they were nude and unarmed, but then came level 1, 2, and even 3 fighters/archers… all still nude and seemed to be using ‘ok’ weapons. I listed my mods above, and still had all nudes with just those mods. I know the nude purges were an issue a few years ago as well, anyone have a solution or see a probable cause in my mod list? Please?

Have you tried with starting a game with out all the mods. Funcom must likely won’t be able to do anything, before we can be sure it is not cursed by any of the mods.

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No, but I will try it today and update.

In the first waves there were Khitans…
What nonsense? Were the Khitai conquered by Stygia? Did they even open up a map of the Hyborian Age? Where is Stygia and where is Khitai?
Instead of the Khitans, of course, there should be Kushites or Shemites.
Then came waves of naked men with spears.
And only then did the real Stygians come.

Are you talking about me, with the ‘nonsense’? I am level 6 purge… shouldn’t it be beyond ‘naked men with spears’ at this point? Sorry, I don’t research all of the “Hyborian Age”, I wanted to play a d*mn game. Chill.

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I think you misunderstood one another there, you’re both saying the purge is nonsense at the moment

Bonjour .
I actually met naked fighters among the Stygian soldiers.
As said above by @glurin these fighters are called “forcibly recruited prisoners”.
on a level 10 purge I had 5 to 6 waves of “prisoners” the other raiders were all Stygians in Stygian armor.
I am on a private PS5 server (so no mod) where there is total nudity, however I don’t know if on public servers where there is no nudity these “conscripts” are naked.

Hi… yes, the ‘prisoners’ were nude, and I get that… but, the other waves that are ‘something’ fighter I or II are still naked… is this normal?? Is my purge level just not high enough? It seems odd and that the boss would be naked too?

No, about the developers.
I heard that FC had a person who was passionate about books about Conan, who controlled the logic of the game concept.
Looks like he quit.

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Has no solution or acknowledgment come through? I have no mods in common with you and still get waves of suicidal purges waving their genitals and swords at my archer thralls… I’m surprised they can aim straight for laughing!

They come,- until you close the gate then (despite demolishers they decide they can’t reach the coffer!

Two dozen decedent purges removed for one purge - of naked men who runaway way you close the door!!

Makes me think beyond the videos they made they didn’t test and didn’t listen to people who did! Then the implementation failed when they forgot to dress the purge!

(the stone is the Limestone Mod Steam Workshop::Limestone Buildings - v1.6.44 ( )

Not sure. I have 5 doors on the way to the chest, they are all closed, but in each purge there are a lot of naked waves.

Maybe the conscripts were fed mushrooms before the purge🤷‍♂️

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@CromsGord, I apologize for being off-topic, but what construction kit do you use that is so white and clean?