Naked Purges spawning- any difficulty

Game mode: SP/COOP
Problem: Bug
Region: PC

All the purges i am currently getting are naked NPCS, even in the north only naked nordheimers, and no animals.

Just yesterday I got one black hand purge, guess what all naked. Managed to capture captain fighter, cook and smelter thralls, but strangely after breaking they have black hand clothing on crafting stations.

yep we get all naked purges, and mostly just wolves, and theyve all attack the same place over and over more or less.

I got naked darfari all the times so I tear my base to the ground and find another location to build (we have several bases at very different location, and only this getting purged)

Now I just got…what, demons, with a dragon + 2 mini dragon at the final wave…OMFG

had also the nacked cimmerians attacking my Skyholme (server) base several time.

Didn’t spot them these last days i must admit, purge is still very unprevisible. May or may not happen, and if, often with strange behaviors.