Bugged purges in starter zone

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Misc:
Server type: PVE:
Region: EU

I am on server 1049 and just got my first purge, i am in zone I4 and just lost everything to top level named cultists this seems to be a high end purge down in the starter zone. I could not even kill one solo.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. unable to reproduce as it is a purge

Standard servers have purges maxed out, so I suspect this is intended (although not fun). There is theoretically an area restriction on what purges can spawn in what areas, but that never seems to have worked correctly (for example, I’ve gotten purges with Black Hand pirates in areas they should never spawn).

yeh its wrong just managed to build a decent base get some pets and thralls just for it to be whiped out by a purge that look like teir 3 in the newbie zone, whats the point everything got demolished and killed so basically no point playing

Well this is troubling since I decided to build in the newbie desert for a more relaxed approach. Thanks for the heads up

ok checking logs, was warrior of sobek and disciple of sobek also fang of sobek warrioe was a nomral npc still took ages to kill with pets, thralls and me being lvl58 the others all named archers and could not kill

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it’s annoying.

Build your base without foundations and stick some treehouse foundations high up in trees.
Easy loot after they fall to their deaths.

nah they didnt spawn on my foundations, spawned outside but could not kill them as they were too powerfull so could just sit back and watch them go to work on my wall then my base once the wall were down

This may sound controversial, and I don’t want to diminish your experiences in any way, as I’ve had that happened to me before, too – but I actually believe the strong Purges, even in the newb area, is a very good thing. You quickly get a dose of ‘survival reality’ – the stuff you lose is easy to get back at low levels and you quickly learn that you need to seriously defend yourself if you plan to survive. You have to think about elevations and terrain that can help defend you; about base construction and defenses.

That’s one of the differences between an RP server and a PVE server – you can tell RP servers have no fear. They turn off Purges and their buildings are very pretty, ornate, and not defensive. On PvE servers where the Purge is cranked up, you see fortresses and bases with extensive defenses. And to even more extreme on PvP servers ('cause those nasty players find ways to exploit base defenses much more so than the AI).

So when you get hit by a strong Purge and you aren’t ready for it, sometimes the only thing you can do is grab what you can and get out until its over. And I think that makes the “survival” aspect of the game fun because of the challenge.


Broadly I agree, although if players don’t have any idea what to expect upfront, I can see how it would be extremely frustrating. It’d be like thinking you’re going to be playing a pickup ball game and find out the guys on the other team are all Lakers.

I would also caution folks against being too creative with where they build their bases. If the Purge can’t path to your base “normally” by ground because you’ve done something wild with where you’ve built, the server will just cheat and spawn them inside your base. That’s guaranteed to not be a fun time when it’s a level 6 purge.

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