Hopeing to DRAW attention to an issue since Funcom refuses to give direct support

Game mode: Singleplayer mode
Problem: Bug
Region: Brazil, South America

Whyle in a singleplayer mode i cannot see partial nudity (full nudity is not avaliable in my region) even when i set the partial nudity configuration. It works fine in multiplayer though.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Start a new game
2.Chose Singleplayer mode
3.Set it to Partial Nudity in configs
4.Start the game. No partial nudiy is shown

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from what i gather they have investigated that issue…new to the community so im not sure what exactly that means but thats what ive gathered


Thank you for taking time and effort to answer! Its much more than what Funcom are doing. Anyway, i hope by “investigated” they’re meaning that they’re going to find the bug, fix it and update a patch. Whyle this bug doesn’t affect the game performance it is extremely annoying!

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Investigating means they are aware and trying to find what causes issues so they can fix it

Well, that’s better than nothing tbh. I also found that when (singleplayer mode) i am creating a character, in the section you can chose size and body details there is a button to chose no/partial nudity but that button isn’t working: i set it as partial and it goes back to no nudity every time. I hope they be able to find out what is wrong and fix the error. As i said, it is extremely annoying…

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