Partial Nudity will not apply and does not save. (Update 3.0)

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: No Server/Single player mode

Bug Description:

Update 3.0 (Newest Update) Nudity options not applying. Cannot set my nudity option to partial, it keeps resetting to none every time.
It keeps defaulting back to none, no matter what I do.

Bug Reproduction:

I load up a save then click the nudity option, set it to partial and watch as nothing happens in game cause the setting does not take effect and does not save.

Keep in mind I am playing the U.S. region version and partial is as high as I can set it (when it works).

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I’ve had this issue for many many moons

You are aware that nudity must be set in two places?
Server settings, even if you’re playing single player. If server is set to none, you get none regardless of Gameplay setting.

If single player or co-op make yourself admin and set server to partial nudity, then set Gameplay setting to partial nudity.

If you’re on an official server or private server make sure the server is set to partial, if not, you’ll need a different server to see nudity. or ask the private servers admin about the setting.

If you’ve tried all that Zendesk is where you want to report a bug.

Lastly full nudity is available in the U.S.A. on P.C. through steam, I don’t know about gamepass.


Yea, I had partial working before the patch then it just stopped after the patch.
I found out something close at least to what is causing the issue and I found a bit of a workaround.

I uninstalled the game and made a new character that in turn created a new settings file.
Then I copied my backup save to my ps4 console, not my settings file though just my progress data.
When I loaded into my game I had my nudity option back to partial like I originally was using.
So far there doesn’t seem to be any issues with my progress data using a brand new settings file.

Wish I had thought to try just deleting the settings file instead of doing a complete wipe, sure might have saved me a lot of time.
There apparently is something in the old settings file I was using that was not gelling with the newest patch.
I got things back to the way I wanted them, aside of course from the missing textures everyone else is getting.

So for others out there, the tldr version, try deleting your settings file and make a new character so it makes a new file and then copy your old progress data file back to the game.
Do not copy back your old settings file, make a new one like I mentioned.

First change the nude settings on the Admin Settings
Then change the nude settings to the General Settings

Works every time, even after the disgrace of update from yesterday.

Boobs working, all the rest… nope

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