Free the Nipple!

Ok so I know that the new patch revamped the look of many thralls and took away the naked purges. While I’m not complaining about the addition of some clothing. I do feel like there is a bit too much clothes. Take Daya Leaddrinker for example she is a named smelter who used to always spawn top free, Now she spawns fully clothed and honestly that’s just not as much fun. Theres nothing better than a line of topless Daya Leaddrinkers smelting and honestly its gotta be hot in front of that furnace. Beri would spawn topless sometimes as well, on the server I play on top free Beri was highly sought after. I have yet to find her bare breasted since the patch. Now there are still fighters and archers that spawn topless but it really doesn’t make a difference because you are able to dress them a much or as little as you like. With thralls that have professions you don’t have that option. My suggestion would be that all named characters have a chance to spawn top free. Who am I kidding I’d be ok if you just focused on the female named characters. I actually think it would be cool if there were topped and topless versions of all the named characters especially those with professions. I suppose there will be people that disagree with me and that’s fine I’m just putting my 2 cents in. Please consider freeing the nipple once again.

Would love to hear what everyone else thinks, and if you don’t want to put in your thoughts in the forum and you agree just hit that little heart at the end of my post. :wink:


By Crom! This right here is right thing to do!


We should be able to clothe the worker thralls we have the same way as the fighter thralls.

Definitely need to add some clothing to the game, to use leather, hides, etc for thrall clothing that adds some ■■■ appeal to the thralls.

Things like loincloths, corsets, etc.


I like this idea as well, however in the meantime freeing the nipple is important. #freethenipple

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There will be always peoples wanting naked thralls or clothed thralls.

Each preset solution you make is an issue for the others.

Best solution would be being ables of dressing or un-dressing them as you like.

For example I’d like to make uniforms for all of my thralls :slightly_smiling_face:


Why not give option for free nipple xD for each player

I know there’s a mod for changing the clothes of your station thralls, but those of us on consoles don’t have that option. It sounds minor, but the ability to do this, like being able to change hairstyle or color, would add greatly to game experience.


Understood @Shadoza, and when it’s prudent, ie younger eyes, my thralls are dressed. It’s not for everyone, and no one wants to force anything on anyone.

I would argue that if you are opposed to freeing the nipple there is a nudity setting “None” that allows you to have your thralls covered. Please don’t hijack this thread with a different topic such as the ability to dress thralls. That has been suggested and Funcom responded that it was a big ask and not something that could be done easily. They also didn’t say that it wouldn’t happen.

I think that best opportunity will be a variety in what clothes a NPC spawns. In example, when i visit Serpemeru trader NPCs spawn with or without top clothes. So just in example with Daya you can have her spawn in several variants and just catch the one you need and everybody will be happy :slight_smile:

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I’m not asking for them to be naked. I’m also not asking for them to always be topless. I think a variation of clothing or lack of clothing would be ideal. Also the option to clothe your thralls has many threads in the forums and is not what my post was originally intended for.

So why not trade with other players then? If it was adjusted to a 50% (or at least non-0%) chance of spawning either way, then players could trade crafters if they liked. That’s how we do it on my server at least.

As for single-player, there already exists an option to hide nudity so there shouldn’t be an issue there.

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Yes, that was my point. If you don’t like nudity, you can opt to hide it regardless of what the server permits.

You can always trade them to someone else. OR if you’re playing singleplayer and unwilling or unable to run mods, then spawn one to your liking. Point is, until we have an in-game way to change their clothes, there ought to be some compromise so that both preferences can have their way. One suggestion does that (non-zero topless chance), the other does not (no nude thralls/ all nude thralls).

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That is a fresh and new idea. Instead of dressing the thralls however you want after placing them on a workstation you have an options to have fully clothed, partial, or full nude could simply be a drop down menu on workstation.

Again I’m not against clothed thralls, I would simply like the opportunity to find them in the world in both clothed and topless versions.

What I’d like to know is why a pointless thread like this is being made because some ■■■■■ boi wants MOAR BOOBIES!

I’m always sick and tired of this sort of argument.

“Oh, so you want to see nude characters in your video game?”
sticks nose in the air
“Clearly you must be immature and touching yourself.”

It is the most BS form of argument one can make. It has nothing at all to do with maturity just because you think female slaves should be topless.

This is an IMMERSION issue. These are slaves. They have no rights. The only privileges they get are the ones they earn from their Master, the one who owns them.

Clothing is a form of privilege, in modern society it would be a form of humiliation to be put on display without a covering. In the lore of Conan, it would probably be less so.

Regardless of that, nudity is not always a ■■■ thing, and should not be treated as such.

I think everyone can agree, most of the ones here have the option of ■■■■, if it comes to that. Nudity is a part of life in Conan, much more so than it is in the real world.

The option to have nude slaves should be available as equally as clothed ones.

Ideally, the fix I think would work best is a slider in the options. Nude Craftsman, under the Thralls area.
If this is turned off, the craft station thralls have a default outfit they wear.
If this is turned halfway on, and the nude option is also enabled, the default outfit they wear is a topless one.
If this is turned fully on, then the craftsman has no clothes at all.

It isn’t as perfect a solution as being able to dress them any way you like, but it seems MUCH easier than the effort to put that into effect.

My response to this thread is primarily because I’m against censorship. This is an adult game, rated M and meant for people over the age of 18. The players are supposed to be adults and capable of seeing a boob without having giggling childish fits.

Censorship cheapens that, and is wrong in this instance, because children aren’t supposed to have access to this game. On the off chance we have players with kids who may witness it, that is what the Nude option is for in the first place. As a fast way to conceal things young eyes shouldn’t see.

But I have always felt very offended when people label a stand against censorship as immaturity or some sort of perversion, when it is nothing of the sort.


Well said.

To be honest I don’t know why they forced an “uniform” to all crafters, it is ridiculous, especially with Darfari crafters…

They should let us change their clothes like a combat thrall or reverse the “all with clothes” change

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I believe it is because of how the system is designed.

Normal thralls, you get an inventory and slots to put clothing into.

Craft thralls don’t get this. They are stuck in a station as an item, and there is no inventory to access.

The only workaround I could think of is to expand the craft stations and add inventory slots underneath the thrall slot.

Then, whatever thrall you have in the station, it uses the gear added to the station.

So the scripting would use the Thrall Item to dictate the thrall’s appearance, and then the game uses whatever was in the station equip slots to clothe the thrall as if it were a fighter and that were it’s inventory.

Then, like I said, they should change the change about crafter outfit. A tanner or a chaman with workgloves and blacksmith apron is absurd, personaly I prefer crafters like they was before that patch.

And I did spot them better before the patch, now it cost me a lot, I need to look carefuly the names…

But don’t worry, they won’t read or listen to us :wink:

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