Return of topless crafting thralls

Having crafting thralls dress according to their job just does not make since. Why would each faction dress the same?

Also I went out of my way to collect topless crafting thralls.

I strongly suggest the return to variety in crafting thralls to include topless ones.


personally what i’d like to see are variants of the “standard” crafting thrall armor for the different factions… a norheimer smithy should wear different (and potentially more) clothing then a blackhand smelter
with added randomization of course…. not all identical


Or if they would allow players to change the equipment of a crafter thrall, but I imagine that is the harder option of the two.

Yeah what I wouldnt give to be able to change my crafting thralls clothing.

Liking this for the ability to change our crafting thralls’ armour. Not a fan of the aprons.

It seems like we need a workaround solution. You cannot equip Craftsman Thralls directly, because they are nothing more than a slot in the crafting station.

I would think what they CAN do, is to add five slots to the crafting stations where you can put clothing. And then apply this to the thrall that spawns. It would probably require some finagling to get this done, however.

But that is seemingly the solution we need.

If the slots are empty, the thrall is as nude as the server allows.
If the slots have armor or clothing in them, then the thrall is changed to be wearing that instead.

So a normal thrall works something like this: If something is in the slot, put that onto the paperdoll of the thrall so it appears wearing it.

In the case of craftsman thralls, the coding would need to be adjusted, but this shouldn’t impact normal thralls or NPCs.

Instead of the craftsman thrall coding looking into the equip slots of a character, instead it looks at the equip slots of the station where it is placed.

So if you stick a Yamatai Light Armor set into your Blacksmith Bench armor slots, then place a Smithy Thrall into the Blacksmith Bench. The coding would have the thrall pull the visual data of the armor in those slots, and apply it to their model.

It seems like it’d be possible to do this. The station is already pulling the unique thrall identifier in order to display the T4 unique look, or the T1-T3 random appearance that was generated either when it was broken or when it was placed, however that functionality works.

So I don’t believe it’s -that- complex a thing.

thrall spawns at the station
thrall pulls armor info from the station it’s placed at
thrall is generated with that armor equipped


Requested this awhile back and was ignored. Won’t be surprised if we are ignored again

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Personally I don’t care about the crafting thralls being topless, but I would prefer that all thralls were more interactive, it makes your fortress seem dead when nothing is moving around, the only thralls that do anything are the crafting thralls but their movements are always the same. Not sure why the tamed thralls can’t wander around like the NPC’s in the towns.

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