I cannot seem to craft hardened Leather!

I have an improved armor bench a tanners table all the ingredients but i cant make any dadgum hardened leather!!

If it’s showing up as an option in the tanners bench I dunno what to tell you.

It’s it’s not showing up, make sure the have the epic armor feat unlocked.

If I simply wanted to make a saddle which unlocks at 20 I have to wait til 60 to unlock epic armors to make hardened leather?

You will have to settle for the other saddle (the basic one) until you are level 60.

you need to put an armorer in the tanners table to get the thick hide recipe, thick hide for hardened leather in the tannery

He wants to make the barachian reaver saddle which is a low level saddle with low level stats but for some reason requires the mats of the lvl 60 saddles
I see this pop up very often with people trying to make this saddle and asking how to get hardened leather for it
Funcom needs to either make it a lvl 60 saddle with lvl 60 stats or change the material costs to reflect the tier of gear it actually is


indeed misleading, needs a rework

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Try really hard. Like…really, really hard.

I would call that a bug. Hint hint.

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