Heavy Leather failing to make

Online Private Server with 1 mod Lvl 140

Trying to make Heavy Leather, I have Hard Leather, Elephant Hide and Twine in enough quantities to make 5 Hard leather set it up on Improved armorer’s bench hit make and it just sits there the bar never moves, any ideas?
Thank You ahead of time

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

Expected Behavior: Should make 5 Heavy Leather

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Installed Mods: Level 140

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Steps to Reproduce: No idea, never had an issue once you have all the items loaded where the bench doesn’t automatically make the item for you.

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Just curious did you accidentally turn the bench off with the pause setting, I’m guilty of doing that at times

Hard leather is now made in the Tanner’s Bench, not the Improved Armorer’s Bench. The recipe was moved.

Heavy leather is made from Thick hides in the Tannery (different from Tanner’s bench).

Hope that helps. (or I could be completely misunderstanding what you’re saying).

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Hi all thanks for the replies, not sure how you turn a bench off but don’t think I did. Currently have on an improved Armorers bench 125 hard leather made at Tanner’s Bench, 480 + Elephant hides and about 90 twine. I select Perfected Heavy Armor Padding and hit make and nothing happens. My server requires 25 hard leather per pad so if I choose 5 the hard leather goes dark showing its going to use all of it but nothing happens to actually make the pads. Any ideas?

And my apologies Boden went back and looked at what I originally submitted (doh) anyway trying to make Perfected Heavy Armor Padding and nada…

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