Wtf is that in official serveur!


You can tell us what is this furnass ?

It’s on our official server 1131, how do we get this :slight_smile:

Might be the new one. You can get the recipe from the archivist (map room). There is a huge cupboard of scrolls. You can interact with it to get random recipe. Can’t remember what you needed in your inventory for that to work.

EDIT: Ahh Glurin explained what you need:

Probably this:

You need use fragments of power to get the scrolls from the Archivist’s room.


Oh thanks for your help

What Glurin linked. It is the Kiln, a new item you get the recipe for from the Archivist’s bookshelf (scrollshelf?)

It has a larger inventory than improved furnaces and cooks twice as fast.

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It’s so cute! I want one for my kitchen. You can still bake bread in it, right?

In my tests it was more like 25-30% faster (than improved Furnace). Still significant though!

Yeah it’s about 25% faster I’d say and has twice the inventory space

It looks a bit too cute for this massive upgrade from the improved furnace :smiley:
More like something for the kitchen than to melt metal that came down with fire from the sky.

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