Just a quick question about bread making

Is there anywhere in the world that actually lists the recipe down as part of the storyline? (a torn parchment etc…) I already know how to make it but I’m just curious if there’s somewhere that gives you the recipe rpishly

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Not that I remember, Its one of those… random furnace recipe…that makes sense…but isnt listed.

BUT, Its one of Derkitos exchanges(vines and silver of unfifilled), you’ll find it exist that way. And few of cook recipes that need it. (which relate to Derkito recipe and 1 other.

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Awww I wish that it was actually added to the stove then since technically the stove looks like it also has an oven part (the Derketo thing I knew about) or at least they’d have thought about that in the world when they made it. I like rp even when I’m only playing in sandbox mode :slight_smile:

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Yes, u can find it on wiki page for furnace on the tab os crafting…



Wiki page yes, but my question which has been answered was about in game lore of the recipe. Like a scroll that somewhere telling you the ingredients needed since it’s technically a basic recipe and requires no knowledge.

I’ve never found one either, I had to look it up on the wiki page too. I like cooking things too🙂

It just feels weird that there’s nothing in game that gives you the recipe just written down on a normal note similar to the pirate treasure chest note

En el horno semilla planta leopante y fibras

Killing dragons in unmanned city is an ok way of getting volatile glands.

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