Sunken City Recipes and Items

Ok. I have just finished my second run through the Sunken City dungeon (which I thoroughly enjoyed; thanks Funcom), and I am hopefull that I have found all of the new Feats and Recipes which it added. I was fairly thorough. However, just to be sure that I did not miss anything, can anyone provide me with a list of ALL learnable/obtainable feats, recipes and unique items found within it? Or even a link to one? Thanks in advance.

Did you check the Conan Exiles Wiki ? I think the Sunken City had been added recently.

Indeed, the wiki is up to date including screenshots:


Thankyou both. I checked it not long after these posts and browsed the list. Turns out the only one I missed was the Daggers, so ill have to do one more run (it would have to be in the final room wouldnt it!). Im not sure if I would class it as part of the dungeon, but there was also the Broken Oar recipe near the boat where we enter it. Ok two more questions.

  1. I read that there are new recipes for the Library of Esoteric Artifacts such as taxidermy animals. Is there any prerequisite for them to appear at the library, such as finding a recipe, or are they automatically added with the update?

  2. The Horn which summons a Frost Giant (not sre what its called) is in New Asgaarth, yay or nay? If its on the wiki I missed it. Im not real good with tech. you get a random scroll to learn by turning in fragments.
The frost giant is good for situations which require crowd control but he is not doing very well in 1 vs 1. He looks cool though.


Thats ok Narelle, Im purely an Offline Singleplayer. So was the horn which summons him found in New Asgaarth, and if so do you know what was it called? I checked the New Asgaarth page on the Wiki, but couldnt see anything about it.

It is a drop from a rare boss which spawns at NA:


Cool, thanks Narelle! Do you happen to know is she can be enslaved?

She is a boss. So no.

Darn. Well thanks for all of the assistance Narelle, I have an extremely demanding workload, and just dont have the time to find it all via random floundering about. Legend.

Isn’t it still possible to enslave boss like Vathis or Lagadara in Solo play or in private servers, if you make it pop using the admin panel ?

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Im honestly not certain Wolfrider, I generally dont tend to cheat in my game. I usually only use the admin panel to replace items which are lost on account of bugs. For example, if my shrine disappears while upgrading to T3, or if an item in my inventory disappears. Besides surely such an option would have been lost with the unintended thrall wipes no…!? But nonetheless, thanks for drawing the possibility to my attention.


You can also this guide on youtube:

Yes, using the admin panel you can do it. Lagadara has 67.000 HP as a thrall though. I do wish I could capture her (with normal HP) for… aesthetic reasons.


67 000 HP, that is massive Mikey. You know when I clicked on the earlier link and saw her, I immediately thought to myself…wow. So yeah I share your sentiment on aesthetic purposes. It almost seems criminal to kill her. Even more so seeing as she is Ymir’s only daughter among a bucket load of ugly sons. Boy I bet he would be more than a little grouchy afterwards.

Although for me there is more to this again. Either I am frightfully unlucky, or hot blondes are hard to come by in the exiled lands. I have been playing since CE launched on ps4, just over a year now, and in that time I have only managed to find 4 blonde female thralls! Two of which are no longer with us, and both taught me valuable lessons regarding the gameplay as a result (I am happy to elaborate if requested to do so).

Have you or anyone else found this too, or am I just ‘lucky’?


No I quite agree, which is why I was sad when I learned there was no taming Ymir’s daughter (obviously didn’t know she had that kinda HP when I contemplated it).

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Ok so its not just me and my trademark good luck. Interesting. From a purely genetic point of view we should see quite a few of them among the Nordheimers. I dont know if I should feel relieved or not. Maybe not. I now find myself contemplating asking the rest of the community if they have found this to be the case too.

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I had a friend who had a bug where you could enslaved Ladagara, she came off the wheel with 40,000 hit points :slight_smile:

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They did change some characters that are not supposed to be tamable to revert to blank thralls with 100 health and no stats. Had my unnamed city boss npc thralls blank out a while ago. I believe the same thing happens with Conan and Vathis.

Apparently as a thrall she has the same health she does as a boss.

As an admin on my server, I gave away a Ladagara as a prize in a treasure chest. After the thrall update I replaced her for the lucky person that found her originally. Spawned as a thrall she has 30k HP.